Jul 17, 2009

my BFF

it is confirmed now, one of my BFF is no longer a fiancee to him.
as friends, we accept it's not their jodoh but, it was still dissapointing to know her parents did it again - causing their relationship to end after most of wedding prep been made :(

to recall, 4 of us will be on back-to-back wedding from Jan - Apr 2010. Earlier, i wasnt interested to have any hen night, knowing the fact we will later busy with own wed prep and plus, i'm no good at pouring such event ;P

my BFF was the one brought up the idea of combining our hen night together. idea was few months back. yeap, for 4 of us in one shot, tak pernah dibuat orang je kan hehe! the idea was to have everyone on task & in the end, together honouring everyone as a bride-to-be ;)

and i remember, we joke about having karma sutra cuppy for the nite - or at least anything as such below (apologize the notty-ness, hehe!)

naughty cuppy

since she's no longer in getting-married queue, i wonder if hen night still in list?

to BFF, we dont mind the hen night, if we could wish, honestly we'd love to see you both as item again *sigh*


Sha Pattinson said...

its lucky you to have hen party together ..with bff ..

esca said...

ehehehe... comel cupcakes tu...

littlephia said...

ouh, so dissapointing... :'(

Fathiyah said...

maybe ada hikmah disebalik kejadian
think positive

alahai,skg kte tgh craving for cupcakes..
awak,kte nak emel add ;)

anil lutaze said...

to badd... xpelah..maybe x de jodoh...semoga jodoh yg dtg adalh lebih baik ..insyallah...

hidden.wing said...

sha : ouh dear, tak sempat pun :(

esca : comel, part tuut tu mcm geli pulak nak makan kan hahaha

littlephia : yup, anything can happen walaupun dah separuh wedding prep ready :(

fathiyah : ehem, craving ke mengidam ni hehe! saya dah reply kat YM my mail :D

anil : saya pun doakan yang sama..insyaAllah kan :)

Anonymous said...

hye.. nak tye sket bley? mcm mane i nk buat daisypath kat blog i eyh? nk cut and paste kat mane ehk? hehehe..

Sha Pattinson said...

erk bila baca balik mcm tu kisahnye ..iskk to bad ya hun!!apa bole buat ..sabar esok mungkin akan lebih baik ya ..maaf wlt ..i nih slalu eskep bile membaca ..