Jul 9, 2009

main table deco

this is rarely discussed among brides; but i believe it's equally important - deco meja pengantin :)

often, main table deco is complimentary in any catering package, some prefer to make use of it rather than separately source it to decorators, which will add more cost to it. terpulang, yang penting, discuss your preference :)

and speaking of preference, i dont quite fancy bushy main table deco like below. if Qis had prob with ferns, i had my own with below daun juntai (maaf tak tahu panggil ape), as it's almost everywhere in our local weddings - to me, making the deco abit semak. and i dont find satin yang di ombak-ombak tu really necessary too, haih.

i tried to peek what our renowned NGI & Razak Flora had for their previous clients :

heart the blooming flowers..!

putting aside their price & lavishness of flowers used, on a positive way, their deco is very very NEAT! NGI had daun juntai too, but he arranged them in a nice way rather than typically found berjuntaian sepanjang-panjang table tu :P

for most of us, to spend their price is quite a waste for an average wedding. to save some cost, we can still opt for similar deco, except the flower arrangement to be abit distant from each other..and in between, some decorators choose to replace with sleek candles. tabur flower petals pun ok jugak for the sake of memenuhi ruang kosong and jimat too :)

again, the key is to discuss friends! share your budget honestly, some infamous decorators are just amazing too and they're more than happy to deco within your budget :)


Qis said...

hahahha, i dont like that either, dear... klakar la for the fact that they (the decorator) live by the idea:
1. to put the 'daun juntai' utk 'memeriahkan' suasana, or
2. there shouldn't be any empty space left kalo tidak nmpak kosong.

should really remind them about the timeless concept - less is always, ALWAYS more.

NahWaL said...

setuju dengan kak Qis. Less is definitely more!

What about the birdcages. some decorators put that too. what do u think?

AmyMizzunderstood said...

heheh daun juntai2 eh..hmmm..correct..tapi customer sekarang style tak kisah janji murah..sebab daun tu murah la they all suka guna..tapi if kena dgn cara gubahan..tak la nampak kam2 sangat kan?

esca said...

x mau grand2 sangat.. kalau ianya berbaloi dan sesuai dgn citarasa..thats ok..jgn cr mahal2 sangat buang duit jer..

dialicious said...

yeah..the ivy leaves tu sgt murah mmg decorator likes to use them sumtimes u cant stop..heheh

Sha Pattinson said...

kadang-kadang daun juntai tu kalau kena pada dia punya tempat dan catra hiasan mmg grand ..tapi kalau takat skit skit mmg tak lawa la jadinye ...tepuk dada tanya selera hehehehe

anil lutaze said...

daun juntai tu kkdg cnthek kalau kena tmpt..tp ok...

me pon ptotnye ade decoration kt meja santapan..my sis yg mmg dah prepare utk decorate trbantot sbb makanan terlalu melambak atas meja..dah x tau mne nk ltk decoration..sedey...

sbb her previous job for my cousin meletop..i x... ;(

hidden.wing said...

Qis : less is more, sgt setuju :D

Nahwal : boleh jugak, for fairytale or garden feeling :) tapi saya prefer not as table deco, di aisle mungkin hehehe..

Amy & Sha : agreed. saya kurang gemar bila berjuntaian tu je hehe..NGI as proof daun juntai can turn out great too :)

Esca : all i'm after just yang kemas & tidak crowded :D grand atau tidak sebenarnya depends to konsep majlis kamu esca hehe..

Diah : ivy leaves eh nama dia hehehe! if complimentary, mmg susah nak demand...but still, good to discuss kan hehe - mane tahu ade better option ;)

Anil : meja santapan kamu cantik & kemas anil :) jgn sedey2 ok, nnt post kan pic main table yg ur sis deco kan tu eh..mahu lihat hihi!