Jul 2, 2009

dress neckline

last few days were hectic. with piles of work coming each day, nothing sounds that i can reach home earlier than 10pm for at least next 2 weeks :( i'd promised myself, tonight is my me-time & i should write something here :)

fiance is getting white nehru for bertandang and the theme is going a little contemporary for his side. being a fan of MK's classic white dresses, i know it just not me to be wearing anything too modern or trendy esp for wedding dresses. so my choice, im going for contemporary classic instead; and one way of doing it, making my dress neckline to this off shoulder type, rather than my fave v-neck kebaya :)

i googled some
infos on this, and found this type of neckline will help to balance wider hips - it's a countless blessing esp for heavy hips bride - like me!. additional to it, our neckline will guide us to right jewellery/accessory for our big day :) and for this neckline, recommended for choker, princess or Y-drop; exactly as what this bride had :

credit to Avicenna Studio & Amy Janz for these local inspirations


Emma Manson said...

Saya tau blog awak dr blog Udey. Nice idea you have here. Tapi, I tak berani nak meng-offshoulder kan diri cos there'll be alot of my orang kampung coming :P

May your journey towards the W-day baik2 saje.

* Nat Azmi * said...


AmyMizzunderstood said...

look sexy...but gojes babe!emm rasanya nora danish nya baju pun lebey kurang camni kan..

yunayuni said...

amy,yep bj nora danish macam ni masa wedding dia.heheh.i recalled.

off-shoulder sexayy and nice~ tapi i pun tak berani buat camtu coz my hubby's side quite conservative.

tapi kalau ada neckline camni leh la pakai accessories yang bling! ;)

sweet cravings said...

suke! tapi.. doesn't quite suit with the bride who wears hijab like me~ sobs. heheh.. but, i seriously like that kindda neck style.. :) you go girl! heheh

Fathiyah said...

cantik & perfect! go for dis dsgn tau.sure u akan senyum sampai ke telinga.hehehe :)

hidden.wing said...

Emma : me too, im keeping this for my bertandang. my hometown mmg tak lepas lah off shoulder ni hehe! thanks for visiting :)

Nat : hurry nat, get one for yourself too hehe!!

Amy : oh, dear. nora's my fave too..she made into nice kurung & nampak sopan kan :D

Ayuni : blings, fuh yummmmy! hihi

Mira : it's ok dear. dresses for pengantin muslimah now banyak yang cantik2..sure u gonna find pretty one to flaunt your best on big day :)

Fathiyah : insyaAllah :) terharu with your full support all this while, thanks fathiyah!

dytia said...

hehe.. kitapun suka baju nikah nora danish
nanti I tunjuk gambar majlis betandang kat my blog - neckline macam ni tapi pasal nak maintain sopan pakai dengan short jacket
nati I carik gambar close up yang elok sikit bagi tunjuk baju tu camner.

hidden.wing said...

dytia : yeay, another fan hehe! ok dytia, will wait for your pretty piccies :D

^eazy^ said...

nice.. i like..

Chooyaya! said...

this dress is the one like intan sarafina wore on her weddinf rite?