Jul 12, 2009

unofficial food testing

as promised, we went for our first food testing today..

rather than picking up those food at expo, we had the chance to drop by to wedding itself. it was buffet style and canopy, with maroon wedding theme. package was different from us, but for pre-food testing, still it's a good start for us. was a little teruja with their nice table top & cordial dispenser hehe...!

staff in charge spent few mins explaining details of event. knowing he's on duty, we didnt wish to keep him long. we quickly got the packed food and left :)

meals we brought home :

- nasi minyak
- ayam masak merah
- rendang daging
- acar buah
- dalcha
- papedom

except papedom, the rest were fine to us :) dalcha cair sikit, but they still taste good. fiance brought some home, leaving to his parents for any decision. if ok, they'll decide on menu & we'll arrange for official food testing later.


she said...

terliur tgk acar buah tuuuu. nyumm :D

Shazreen said...

for my wedding hari tu, i makan 3-4 suap nasi jer....
tak sempat nak makan apa2 ok...
terliur tgk gambar..

sha said...

wow ..yummy ...!!harap kat kk ada la kinda food like this ..lapar plak ..!

anil lutaze said...

seronoknye food testing..me...x do...nsib mmg sdp...hak..

hidden.wing said...

she : mmg sedap dear hihi!

shazreen : ramai sgt org nk bergambar dgn kak reen..tu tak sempat hihi!

sha : mesti ade ;)

anil : ruginye tak dapat makan kat kenduri kamu anil...!