Jul 5, 2009

Promosi Kerja Kahwin 2009

i had appoinment with our bertandang decorator last Saturday, fiance couldn't make it as he had courses to attend in Shah Alam. the plan was supposed to bring our decorator for site visit to our hall to estimate right size of pelamin and layout for meja pengantin etc. the plan changed, where instead, we had our discussion at the expo, as she was on duty that day and it took almost 4hrs to list down the detail & ideas to fit our small budget tu hehe..

she had lots of sweet pink shades theme as reference, and i love most of them. good news, she had fuschia ribbon for my guest chairs too :) for time being, the confirmed package will include pelamin, walkway, entrance arch and main table deco.

one of participating booth - Arma Wedding Couture
(Kompleks Kraf Jln Conlay 4 - 13 July 2009)

only on Sunday i managed to drop by other booths. the expo wasn't bad afterall, no more kerawang pelamin on parade but the trend of black damask now becoming somewhat - stereotype? i dont despise damask design, the idea of having black damask as pelamin backdrop is my big turn-off :( hmm, apa kes kerusi pengantin pun nak black damask, kan hehe!

i found caterer which below our budget too :) for rm20/pax, you can afford dome style seating inclusive of :

- menu including ayam, daging & ikan in one go!
- mineral water, fruits, dessert and coffee/tea served
- dome, napkin & highball glass (you can upgrade to goblet glass with some charges)
- meja + alas + themed table top
- banquet chair + sarung + themed ribbon
- red carpet
- 6 stands of fresh flowers
- menu card for all table
- meja pengantin & deco for 10-12 pax (fresh flowers)
- 4 VIP tables
- pelayan tetamu
- food testing for 5 pax

their SA will provide new quo as i no longer need items in red above. will reconfirm the waiters:tables ratio, just to ensure guests are timely served. unlike few caterers, they also allow pre-booking food testing prior to placing any deposit. 2 org je, and we booked for next week as they have a kenduri kahwin to cater. i'll review the outcome later.

p/s : boringnye esok keje...hehe


Qis said...

i don't despise black damask design either, but too much of it everywhere is unappealing...

methaporically, it's like designer's handbags selling cheap at pasar malam. losing it's charm.

hidden.wing said...

agreed Qis.

no matter how much NGI loves them, personally i still dont favor black damask on pelamin. dominating, and worst, it's center of attention for our guests. same goes to table top :(

peek of black damask on tiny stuffs e.g. doorgift, menu and invitation card is ok. like u said, overdoing them is unappealing :)

Anonymous said...

u did survey on Arma's kan?
so rate derang berapa?
dlm blog or fp mcm tk mentioned jer...

AmyMizzunderstood said...

I pun pergi yeyeh...adiputra punya pelamin soooo nice...tapi sekarang pelamin dewan RM5K...huhuhu...

esca said...

pelamin biasa dewan rm5k ..
kalau rumah ok la skit..
tp berbaloi...

Fiza @ gIrgIrL said...
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Fiza @ gIrgIrL said...

hidden wing u punyer official dcorater for pelamin sume tuh sape?

dialicious said...

hey..jez came back from kraf.wow..what a great deal..rm20 je?dmawar ker?bestnyer

Anonymous said...

The pameran wasn't bad at all. But i was hoping to see more. The ones upstairs are nice especially the bilik pengantin.

I'm still looking for someone who provides hantaran services. Was looking at Reka teemor but they don't do single services.

AmyMizzunderstood said...

Anonymous: "dlm blog or fp mcm tk mentioned jer..." garangnya hehehehe

chacha said...

hi there, where can i find the RM20/ pax for the catering dear?

sweet cravings said...

dear, black damask tu bila banyak sangat- it feels too much. like qis said- it'll lose it's charm :)

plain works fine for me. a little can go very far away! :) let's not follow the trend that much. you're a setter urself! ;) i'd say it again, u go girl! heheh

Fathiyah said...

cantik la pelamin & baju arma couture :)

awak,blh bg emel add?
nak emel sumthing.
insyallah,on august & sept kte akan ke penang :)

kalo ada apa2 yg kte blh tlg,juz bgtau k.jgn malu2 :)

hidden.wing said...

hi anonymous,

Arma's starting price for each item :

- reception outfit + accessories + kasut (L+P) rm2.5k
- make up rm500
- pelamin fresh flowers rm3.5k
- red carpet + arch + 8 pillars with deco cage rm1k
- main table deco + backdrop rm800

hope this helps! :)

hidden.wing said...

amy, wah pelamin je ke rm5k?

ni quotation yg i dapat from adiputra :

rm5k hall package inclusive of :

- pelamin 3 panel (24 ft)
- walkway 8 pillars
- arch
- deco main table
- deco VIP table
- red carpet

all using fresh flowers. since tu harga package, even nak pelamin 1 panel pun tak boleh reduce price..

for baju nikah, tempahan starts from rm800, reception dress rm1k+
white dress tu cantik lah hihi!

hidden.wing said...

esca : dear, my hometown pelamin rumah je sampai rm3k, 1 panel + artificial flower je tu...sedih.

fiza : nanti2 lah ye hehe..

diah : dmawar mahal ya ampun, i dah penah mintak quo mase fair @ the mall dulu..diah, u punye pun great deal :D

anonymous : hi, any specific design/theme for hantaran u're looking for? hantaran makers pun ade their own signature, maybe can suggest a few for u..

chacha : dear, email add?

mira : agreed, tak perlu semua nak follow trend kan :D yang penting sedap mata memandang..gamba wedding nak tengok sampai tua kan hehehe. my friend's wedding using soft pink + cream damask as pelamin bacdrop (by lynda rahim)..mmg sweet :)

fathiyah : sudah reply di YM, saya pun ade few things nak tanye sama kamu fathiyah hihihi

chacha said...

hi gurl,

please email me at

I'm planning my wedding as well and i really hope u can share with me any info as i need booster to move me around. he he

btw, i neva missed ur blog for even a single day. luv it.

Iff said...


Arma's starting price for:

- reception outfit + accessories + kasut (L+P) rm2.5k

rm2.5k tu utk baju baru or baju sedia ada?

Sha Pattinson said...

i been too to promosi kerja kahwin ..yang arma memang lawa ari wedding couture tu mencuri hati En Tunang saya ..he's lucky sbb majlis dia kat KL mcm saya kat KK takde peluang lar ..

Anonymous said...

AmyMizzunderstood - garang ke? erm cuba ubah tone sore bila bace hehe

hidden.wing - tq..dpt la i bajet2. p/s: Arma's design mmg cantik..

AmyMizzunderstood said...

actually that day i saja pergi tanya kat adiputra,dunno either dia mls nk layan or wut so ever..tapi bunyinya tak menyenangkan saya..then dia mention pelamin rm5K 3 panel untuk dewan...yang dia buat hari itu rm3.5K..only asking bout pelamin..itu saja..dan tak terangkan dgn lebih lanjut seperti yg diharapkan..hukhuk...takpela..i bukan artist agagaagaga...

Nurulhuda Abu Bakar said...

cantiknya pelamin arma.. meleleh air liur tengok, hehe..

black damask? lawa jugak kot tapi kurang berminat, one of my blogger friend use it for back drop kat meja makan beradap, oklah i guess as she didnt use it for pelamin..

hidden.wing said...

chacha : replied :)

lff : baju baru

sha : hehe..i pun tahu Seri Keningau je for KK, but they're originally caterer with extended services like pelamin etc kan...

anonymous : welcome!

amy : yup, their PR fail :) takpe amy, u dah ade MG! hehe

huda : same thinking here - lawa tapi kurang berminat for pelamin hihi!

Sha Pattinson said...

hidden.wing: seri keningau i ada tanya gak that day ..pelamin yg dia wat display tu pon nak RM5K ..bole wat deposit kereta hihihi ..ha'ah dorg dulu memang keje catering jerk tatau camne bole terjebak ke butik pelamin pelikkan sungguh dan decor nyer pon bukan originaly from sabah ..hehehe ..pelamin skang kalau tader ribu2 bukan pelamin ..and i ader gak tanya Adiputra tue tapi cara dia layan memang tak senang hati mata dia dia lari2 (heh btol ke??) tak cocentrate bila bercakap ..but Ari tue very friendly ...yerla Amy kita nih bukan artis ..hhihi

Sha Pattinson said...

maaf agak emo rasanye ...

weDa said...

helo, you went to promosi kerja kahwin ekh? did you visit my booth by any chance? fotophactory (photography).

hehe came across your blog while googling some wedding stuff ;) nice blog :) i'll come back to visit!