Jun 28, 2011

Not wordless wednesday

Suppose i review our stay last week at Cyberview but im putting that on hold as there are many pictures to be resized before i can upload here :)

Anyways, we went to Pavillion last weekend. Saw my dream GG Twins on net now with massive sale, so this Pavillion visit just to check out the right size. Hubby wants me to get bigger handbag, he cannot tahan already seeing me sumbat everything from camera, external drive, sanitizer etc in my current small handbag..sampai kembong bag tu. Hehe.

Unfortunately, medium GG Twins is too small for my need and their large hobo to me not so nice. It's okay..im still buying my medium except not now :)

Long story cut short, we went to other shop and brought this baby home instead..

to tell the truth, this actually my dream hantaran bag last time.. :)


Uyaa said...

Anya Hindmarch? hehe

hidden.wing said...

Uyaa : :) ada sale..hehe

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Anyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..I want 1 Anya bag too!!!

hidden.wing said...

Farah, i got mine after 5 years working ok :) Your dream Chanel will make way soon, i pray!!

Now jom cari gas utk pmu dulu....... :p

dura m. said...

dear..last week anya still ada clearance sale kat klcc as they are moving to another lot(still in klcc kut)if i'm not mistaken sbb i got their sms.

Too bad i was in johor that time. Eceh. Konon. Ekekekeke

hidden.wing said...

Yup, but Belvedere all sold out time i sampai. Those yg grab during clearance memang lucky..50% kan? I dapat 30% je :)

p.s AH new outlet still in klcc..yeay!

hazlynda kushairi said...

AH? babe, i pun idamkan Ah for my hantaran tapi tak mampu lagi. Hope my dream will come true walaupun bukan utk hantaran, utk anniversary ke HAHA ;P i hearts AH too!

dura m. said...

Dear..i tgk hari tu kat HK,AH boleh dpt dgn harga 1k+. syok gila! Tp, ok la sbb u dapat 30%off. Byk gak tu dear!

hidden.wing said...

Lynda : takpe babe, nanti Razmie reward u better Anya for your patience :)

Dura : wow HK pun? i know UK can get Belvedere that price time sale! i'm going to HK next year, usually i dont shop time travel..but your comment ni seriously...tempting! Hehe!!