Jul 29, 2011

Salero Negori

Remember my sudden craving for nogori food?

I googled this place upon recommendation from blog readers and found this restaurant actually has few branches, including one in Penang :) Last few weekends finally, we went to their Amcorp branch for late lunch.

For your info, Salero Negori served both minang and nogori food. Looking at the dishes, personally i would say it's a minang restaurant which has been localised with mix of Padang and Nogori, especially with fact majority of Minangs stay in N.Sembilan after migrating from Sumatera.

The serving here is similar to nasi campur where you'll have to pick your dishes. Except here, they'll serve those lauks in separate, small dishes. This type of serving is more advantage for those coming in big group where you can try variety of dishes, economically :) For us the couple eaters, here's our pick that day :

Hubby who's fond for exotic food, was glad to have his favourite gulai tunjang (beef tendon curry) that day. Unlike other restaurants, masak lemak here is very thick..puas gile makan :) I just wish their daging salai is sliced thin, not only for easy chewing it also provide better taste to daging like i usually had from my office caterer.

Taste wise, we agreed they're authentic cos hubby's grandma is originally from Sumatera..and the food here exactly like his grandma's, especially the sambal hijau and daging dendeng. We ended up with RM30+ bill, which to us worth it considering the food quality (did i tell you we settled with 2 pinggan nasi each? hehe).

Thanks again to those suggesting this place, now my husband know where to head whenever he craving for grandma's cooking... :)


Suzie said...

if u happen to come to NS,jgn lupa restoren nelayan sbb hidangan dia pun tempting

ada landak,patin sungai (bkn yg bela tau),perut tembusu etc n mmg sedap

my fav always rusa masak lemak...masa i buat maternity check up kat kpj seremban balik tu sure singgah b4 balik semula ke putrajaya (we all stay there)

ederq said...

setapnyaaa! i always like minang fooooddddd

hidden.wing said...

Suzie, my husband used to work in pd before and restoran nelayan among his must-singgah place whenever he went to seremban :) his fave? Pelanduk masak lemak and landak. Not sure if i can swallow those, apparently ramai giler recommend so must be worth trying kan! :))

hidden.wing said...

Ederq, me toooo!! Tapi asal sampai je indon tak lalu nasi padang dah...nak gurame jeee. Haha.