Mar 8, 2009

engagement pic #3 : doorgift

Disclaimer : No editing at all, collage done at WLT's laziness & pls click on pic for bigger version.

Left pic for those requesting detail of my kurung.
Kain is already beaded, Kimie Kjg just add the neckline part.

Doorgift from left : bestfriends, VIPs and my handmade to other guests.
Remember the mini toblerone? hehe.


Nurul Ain Jamlus said...


I was just wondering where did you manage to find the little pink boxes? (the ones with the black ribbon)

I've been looking for something similar but no luck yet. Hope you don't mind sharing.


hidden.wing said...

hi ain,

bought mine @ plaza alam sentral. kedai floor atas skali, cant remember the name.

otherwise, check out Klim Craft @ Jln TAR. happy hunting :)

anil lutaze said...

santekkk..yg box tgh2 tu u beli kt ne?

hidden.wing said...

anil, box tu you boleh tempah from aisram...any design, no min order hehe best tau..


whitelily said...

just wanna ask..where did u bought that muffin?n how much the price instead...

hidden.wing said...

lily, those are actually cupcakes :) box ordered separately.

ordered from