Mar 23, 2009

no more than 2-tiers

always wanted heavy bush of fresh flowers to crown my cake.

but for my tiffany wedding, i prefer something minimalist. limited or pale hue. less fancy stuffs.

something like below, just a piece of flower per tier. and yes, limit to just 2-tiers!

i dont mind if there is no cake cutting at all.

and i'm still fine with just tiers of cuppies or cakeballs, which normally a potential objection from those called mommies ehehe.

i just foresee it as a must for my indoor reception at his side, but still tak perlu sampai 7- tingkat :P


Dayu said...

less is more kan...
suka ur konsep...
nak pinjam gmbar kek ni
nak tunjuk kat cousin i yg nak buat kan kek tu

anil lutaze said...

yupe..definately...kalau yg bwh tu disusun dgn cupcake pun cnthek kan... (wonder sapa yg tiru kek kawen bantal mawi ...siyes ..tegar yang amat)... ;P

hidden.wing said...

dayu : silelah... :)

anil : exotic lah cake tu...tak sanggup hahaha.