Mar 23, 2009

lace patches - how much required?

as suggested by fellow future brides, i've added up pasar mayestik in our coming trip. our travel agent, Kak Lina & my previous supir suggested us to visit Jatinegara too, for cheap wedding stuffs. not sure what "stuffs", so anyone been there before? is it worth a visit?

bridal laces i'm looking for, particularly for reception dress & some patchwork for akad nikah outfit.

i'm thinking of akad nikah outfit something like below, chiffon & patched with laces. and later add up with pastel beading.

but i'm not good at estimating how much/metre of laces i would need for patches hehe, tailor/designer would interpret it differently from my hentam estimation, kan. *to-do list : print sample & check with dressmaker*

but basically, my heavy patches would only be for neck/chest part and the rest can keep to minimum for hujung lengan, border baju & border kain. (and for selendang too perhaps?) design would just be typical kurung moden.

butik citra selling @ rm5k. gulp.
one layer skirting just enough, kan.

minus that tooo blossom lengan.
lace patches shud be by kain border, not heavy one as above. save cost :P


for patches, i might go for normal lace and save my french lace for reception dress.

4 days to go *grin*


anil lutaze said...

dear...lace patches ni i pnh jmpe kt jakel tgkt atas.i saw jovian pgang mse tu .. and i tgk..xpensive.. Rm1rat lbh/meter rasanya..uh..mmg u patot cari kt bandong..definately much more cheaper..

1 more thng..butik citra tu mmg x bleh blah la.. my sis nk hntr her french lace utk pakai durng my recption..nak buat kurung moden jek..then dia charge RM1500k above...aiyak!!!! for corset pula RM600..huih...i x tau dia duduk kt negara apa.. lastly, tempah kt Dzul je for only RM250 ....see... how much d different... huh!!

Qis said...

cant wait for your post-travel updates! hehe...

hidden.wing said...

i tanye kat euro moda, diorg tak allow beli least 2 metres...alasan dier..each gulung tu mmg utk 2-3 kalau i amik semeter je, nanti ade customer yg tak cukup. nyampahs! (walaupun betul hihi..):P

tulah, chiffon2 @ citra mmg chantek but too overrated kan :P

The Journey.. said...

to make it easier for u.. kalo nak save byk, bila u pg jkt nnt, carik la lace yg mana yg bunga dia u berkenan, beli dlm 2 mtr. balik sini suruh derang patch aje. like my baju nikah, patch kat leher tuh pon amik dr bunga kain lace i. nak senang patch amik bunga2 besar.

hidden.wing said...

thx for the tips, qim!
sudah semestinye lace2 tu didapatkan di jakarta ehhe.

smlm pun dh consult kimie, and like u said around 2-2.5m for patching. additional 1.5m for selendang.

banyak pulak kan? dh mcm sepasang baju ;P

for reception i follow dress design your staff tu...thanks for sharing those pic :)