Jan 2, 2009

friendship & little peep toe

i'm listening to my current favourite duet Lucky while writing this.
and today i really really had something that i wanna blog about.........

my dear shafaf is coming to my engagement!
and yup, she's all the way from kerteh to my little hometown, penang.
she was about to book Fireflyz tix while talking to me. i almost cried bcos i was so touched :)
but feeling nak nangis tu terbantut bile dier ckp "kalau ko x dtg engagement aku nanti siapla..sampai mati aku ungkit hahaha" ceh, dah agak dah :P
i'm still smiling, since shafaf just gave me a reason to it - a priceless friendship :)

btw, i accidentally got myself a pair of this. simple, yet enuff to fit my engagement baju, u think?
harga? sangat murah. rm29.50 from Vincci the saviour ! :D

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