Jan 29, 2009

pink journal

this was bought while bosan waiting for my sis searching for her A Level books in MPH last week. cute, and below rm40.
flipped through few pages & came across this line..."Coverage can include everything from replacement costs for your wedding dress to re-creating the day should your photographer dissapear with your negatives". Are we talking wedding insurance here? Gosh. is there really any?!
Nak bayar my life insurance pun tetiap bulan mengomel, apetah wedding insurance? oh tidak sama sekali...!


The Journey.. said...

wah.. mau jadik wedding planner kah? bila amik baju dgn kimie?

hidden.wing said...

haha no lah qimie. planner utk wedding sendiri pun tak pass lg :P

baju ngan kimie tu insyaAllah next week ...