Apr 17, 2009

local fuschia

i'm looking for local wedding having this theme.
any local pic/link to share?

mostly found pics were mat salleh's wedding,
where their deco is extravagant & exaggerated,
fret it might drag me to dream way too much, gulp.

p/s : i cant really differentiate fuschia & magenta *LOL*


Mrs Zamzuri said...

I heart magenta for my weds at first but like uve said, its kinda hard to get. so pasrah je la dgn gold color ittew.

anyway, i still keep the anklung's no if u want!

hidden.wing said...

OMG. ingatkan sape tadi Mrs Zamzuri..rupenye it's u Qim haha.
*jeles u now own the Mrs title :P

betullah Qim, not just hard to get - nak match ngan venue pun, not all hall masuk kan? anyways, gold really works on you - the pic will show later :D

my backup hall tu mcm xde space je for angklung hikhik

Perfect Day Planner said...

Magenta is a darker shade of pink and not maroon. Maroon is dark red mixed with blue-ish hue. Fuschia Pink is bright, vibrant pink but not flourescent. Hope that helps.

hidden.wing said...

thot magenta is dark pink to purple hehe :D *confuse*

thanks PDP!
all the best for your coming May project :D