Apr 14, 2009

remain unchecked :(

our initial plan for this weekend is to do some survey & book the reception hall.

after months of net surfing, we've narrowed down the list to 6 for phone call, with some we know almost about everything while some we totally have no ideas on rental, capacity or whatnots.

we already had in mind the preferred hall - in the heart of Shah Alam. i've spoken to them somewhere last Dec, however the in-charge said it was too early for 2010 booking. ok, fine. perhaps, the sudden hormone change excites me more than usual.

and today, i called again knowing the fact we're left just about 10months. and to my frustration, the 2010 booking can only be made from Aug onwards, wtf. just so for you to know, the hall is fully booked until Dec 2009!

and here i am sitting, trying my very best to understand what makes they think Aug is still early for those wedding taking place by early 2010??? esp when they really know upfront the hall is well demanded all year round?!

*and what if the "cronies" bypass the dates offline???*

we called the remaining halls. only 2 we could afford for backup, unfortunately one is fully booked while the other is only open for booking after raya *grr*

will share some findings on halls in my next entry.


anil lutaze said...

gile tuyuk dewan tu..jadahhh!!! uish u kena cari dewan lain jgklah...btol2 kroni2 ni mmg hampeh x bleh blah..nnti kita yg melopong!! chaiyok2 ...semoga u berjaya book dewan!

violett said...

hi WLT. love reading ur blog. mmg mcm tu pun. i also have the experience mcm tuh. Example mbpj august can start booking for nx year. if u want few venue i have in list i can give u. happy hunting :)

[ Hanie ] said...

psstt..shah alam? Dewan mana yer? :D

hidden.wing said...

anil : memang teruk *sob* td br dpt backup dear...

violett : dewan sivik mbpj eh? part of my survey jugak dulu, interior sangat cantik kan ehhe.boleh share other venues tu tak :D drop me your email add k!

hanie : aiya, belum dpt booking segan le nk share. malu je kalau tak dpt nnt hehehehe!!

violett said...

Hi WLT..i can give u my personal experience coz 3 of 5 venue tu i have attended (family & fren weds).. my email : lovely_violett@yahoo.com