May 3, 2008

let the day gone, memory is there to stay

Susah betul nak kahwin ni kan. Lots of small2 things kene pikir. Settled with bride nye photography, gotta think of KL punye plak! Most of KL nye quotation exceed my budget (tula sape suh tgk yang glemer2 je haha) Trying to put the price aside, for a few seconds maybe and ohh, I just cant keep my eyes from CS work! But alamak, they don’t entertain any quotation request from email or phone, so cemane yek. Selambe, email gak huhu. Kalo dapat, dapat le kan…Few days later, sapex returned with an ‘introduction’ call. Friendly gile sapex ni, and to cut it short, we finally set an appointment time betul2 on cuti hari pekerja. Hari lain cam susah cos CS only open on weekdays, bak kate sapex weekend kan diorg kene keje..lupe plak!

Ting tong! Sapex welcomed me & dotty. “Isk, macam kenal la…” sambil pointing to dotty and “eh, ni pun mcm kenal gak” sambil tgk kat I pulak. Haha.kantoi jua akhirnye. “Yelah sapex, kitorg member Ju** & Ca** hihihi”. Malas nak ckp awal2, yelah org CS ni deal ngan byk client sape lah kite ni utk diingati kan kan…nak2 pulak bkn wedding kitorg hehe.. Deep down for me, it’s a plus point for CS, macam memberi sign each wedding is worth to be remembered by the guests & friends, as how much he remembered us kan..?

It was a great hour having consultation with sapex (sian sapex kene keje on hari cuti…hari pekerja pulak tu hihi). Me & dotty had chance to see & feel his final touch, fuhh marvelous! And the price? Considering the finishing quality (with CS brand more hehe), it WORTH the price! The only concern was since the wedding will be in hall, ok ke if sorg je photographer? Sapex sengih, “aku bawak assistant la..” haha..yeke..ok2.beresssss.

Dotty : “Ok, I confirm nak sapex for our wedding!!!” And he sounds like FINAL! Me? Happy lah kan but in the same time, gotta think on sourcing more money since dh ter-exceed budget sikit hehe..Unfortunately, we cant book now cos 2010 like 2 yrs from now & the price will slightly increase sob sob. The only way is to maybe consult with his boss. Price 2008 for wedding 2010. Boleh tak? *head-scratched*

btw, Selamat Hari Pekerje sapex hehe!
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