May 3, 2008

the BIG day should remain

I’m a genuine believer of good picture lasts and here I am, seating & endlessly searching for photography quotation. Not exceeding budget, hopefully. The hardest part? Getting the right photographer in my hometown. I believe there are lots, but sadly they’re not internet savvy enough. No website, no fotopages then how should I view their previous work or even reach them? Sigh.

Found 2 Penang photography services & I didn’t wait to give them a call soon after I viewed their work. Not as great as KL ones, but still worth to be appreciated after all!

I kinda like quotation from Romantis-Studio. Considering their deliverables, the packages seem affordable and some even can be tailored to our budget yeay! (siap ade further discount for wedding not in school holiday tuu hehe..) The engagement package is less than 1k and guess what, it comes with a storybook album and being covered by PRINCIPAL photographer!! hmm, belum discount bukan hari cuti sekolah lagi tu kawan-kawan....Plan to drop by their studio before i REALLY decide on this.
Perhaps i'm done with bride side photographer?

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