May 31, 2008

engagement wear

i finally bought ourselves a pair of engagement wear, and i got it from my last visit to Jakel with my mom! dotty was sleeping when i told him that there's a change in our plan - we gotta make it peach instead of pink...! *totally because i cant find any soft & sweet pink pieces.....sigh*

it was chiffon beaded in peach. i've seen the pattern last few months but the color was turqoise, and to be frank i felt in love the moment i saw those pieces of turqoise (since i've planned it for my wedding in penang). no matter how much i admire it, i have to cancel it since it's rm1k for 4metres - which is a lot pricey from my budget.....

but not during my visit with my mom last week! Jakel once again having their wedding promotion and ehem, i got those SAME 4 metres for a very unbelievable price!!!! my mom kinda agree, and she said my skin is far better with peach compared to pale pink (gotta agree with my mom finally). i swop the satin with cream chiffon cos i dont fancy the shiny reflection from lining satin.

guess what, for the first time, i saw my mom busy looking for the perfect pair for my dotty to match my peach chiffon (surprise!). groom pair offered in Jakel wedding package was neither of me or my mom's interest. hell shining satin, which i damn dont like it. we decided to exchange it with other pieces and the not so good was the rest came with extra cost.

we finally found the right one for dotty! still satin, but no more shining for rm48 p/metre. a bit expensive from earlier one which is rm18 p/metre but i just couldnt care anymore hahaha..

i paid & walked out from the shop with lotsa flowery feeling .......

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