May 31, 2008

Nilai 3 for malaysian brides!

heard from our bride-to-be friend that Nilai 3 got so much to offer for weddings. from clothes to bunga pahar to wedding favors to hantaran decos etc. after a long-waiting, me & my housemate, ezi went to check out the place with our shared objective - search as much wedding stuffs & as cheapest possible LOL!
reached there by noon, sunny and hot. we went from one shop to another looking for what they can offer. the stuffs? nothing much of my interest but i got to admit the prices were darn cheap. for a similar stuff, i went to 4 shops with first offered rm5, then rm3.90, then 2.90 and the last shop gave me rm1.80 - i told you!!
me actually looking for bunga pahar design since for turqoise color, not much choices available even after a long searching in internet and wedding mag. most of the turqoise offered are not really a turqoise of my perspective hehe...they're mostly striking light blue!
me & ezi came across to this famous shop (since they're always in wedding mag). i would say the prices were quite expensive, unless you're member which entitled for member's price which is sometimes cheaper compared to the rest shops in Nilai 3.and one thing about this shop, the hantarans were damn exclusive and nice.they quote me the price but i dont really have an idea whether it's reasonable or else. i bought the turqoise bunga dulang - would be a perfect sample for bunga pahar design later. very simple, and i like it.
also bought 6 wired basket for a very unbelievable prices!! i'll use the basket to fill the potpourri/bunga rampai both for my coming engagement and perhaps, rotate it for my wedding day hehe...
i nearly bought those orange bakul buluh (to fit my peach engagement theme) since they're only 70cents per box! but they're packed in 50 boxes which is for me too much for just a small engagement ceremony. i just need around 20 boxes as favor for the guests, especially from dotty's side. oh, fyi normally the bakul buluh is rm1 at least :)
perhaps i'll pay my second visit to Nilai 3 for wedding favors. Not this very soon. Perhaps after my comparison with Bandung this January!


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Sheena said... u know where to get fairy lights?thanks;)