Jan 2, 2010

weekend updates

friday & saturday updates :

bridesmaid kain sent to kak kam, the tailor :)

shafaf busy explaining her dream (datin) dress LOL

the biggest problem dah solved, they got me new ones to capture my events. and they compensated with free pre-wedding too..doubt fiance will have time for this, still, i'm shortlisting few places just in case :)

attended wedding of fellow blogger in Equatorial..congrats Sue! love almost everything about your wed esp the pelamin & deco...and very pleased to meet Qis & Diah in person too! and this silent blogger wearing red hijab that night....very friendly (and pretty!)...if u're reading this please invite us to your link k :) p/s : how come i lupa tanya your name? tsk tsk :(

the rest pix, let's wait for Sue's update :D

fiance advised to re-try my ring since i've lost some weight..i may need to resize. so the noon was spent at jeweller..yeap, the ring now abit longgar..since im planning to lose few kgs more, our SA suggest for resizing to be done only by end Jan & he promised the process nothing longer than 2 days...baiklah! :) p/s : their Lazare now on 30% sale...bencinyeeee...

fiance's nehru now sent to his father's fave Antonz..they berborak like nobody's business sampai i tertido while waiting for them! coming 23rd is the fitting..praying hard the result as good as the bill...

semalam we met the baker. this aunty very very nice & full of ideas...but i prefer to keep the cake design just as the pic in mag...simple :) we only change the topping part, which this aunty very keen of doing hydrangeas hehe...and she even made us few samples...so as of now, bye bye peony!

then headed to klcc..catching some sale, mostly tinggal the leftovers...fiance got his white shoes for bertandang, happy :)

p/s : with 1mth+ left, i tell you...setiap weekend dah macam amazing race hehe...


miss F said...

agree with u...amazing race every weekend! huh!

bitsANDpieces said...

Did u get the kain (and the tailor) for the bmaids?
Hm..was thinking to get the same..tapi di mana ye nak cari tailor at affordable price? (Of course with a reasonable price-heh)

Flowerie said...

WLT kamu sponsor jahit sekali kah?
sgt jeles nya kamu sudah kurus...nnt harus share bersama kami ya program diet kamu..plz plz plz..

hidden.wing said...

miss F, amazing race yang takde hadiah...hehe ;)

bitsANDpieces, we tempah from tailor biasa..for my bridesmaids, she amik rm75 for chiffon kurung (lining only for baju)..tailoring wise, oklah with price :) just kak kam ni sometimes suka delay the baju hehe..

flowerie, i sponsor kain je :) hey..i did lose some weight but im not qualified for kurus group yet hehe..

palla said...

agreed!! every weeknd adalah amazing race!. phew.. i just got back from bukit tinggi for pre-wed shoot..dan bes sgt n am very satisfied..put aside all the tiredness..nex wknd..sttling favors and card n baju nikah. gulp, boleh buat ke?? all the best to you WLT..

hidden.wing said...

palla..wow! later dont lupa post up your pre-wed :) and all the best for your prep too!