Jun 11, 2009

in person

by photographer pojaan

it was nearly 9pm when we reached the studio; i was accompanying Shafaf last Wed to meet up potential photographers for her coming wedding. and for the first time too, i met him in person, *berdebar sikit, as i didnt't expect he was still around at that hour hehehe..macam-macam rahsia terbongkar and i'd rather let the walls to safely keep them ;)

i was there to get the booking date changed too and just glad that it will again be on our anniversary. thanks to CNY as i can save some of annual leave due to that. on the negative note, getting married on long weekend of public holiday means alot of "early bookings" required hehe.

i'm about to close my nikah theme indecisive-ness after being convinced by mr photographer. while salha & shafaf; the bubblies met & berborak like nobody's business..tetibe i heard oxidizing, cis dah agak mesti lari topik ni...from photography package to makeup to interior design hehehe..and finally, we left about 10.30pm.

to Salha & photographer pojaan, sorry for keeping u both that late. shafaf kalut je start kete dier to avoid harrassment from keling yg korg cakap tu hahaha. harap suatu hari nanti dapat lah merasa nasik lemak yang digembar-gemburkan tu ;D

as i was about to click "publish post" button (it's 6am anyway), i glance again his blog. and word of the day "OMG". aku segan udey...sungguh ni. thanks alot to u & team, kita jumpa di kepala bataih nanti ok ;D (speaking utara ngan ko membuatkan aku rindu kampung halamanku....) selamat membuat persiapan utk Salha *wink.

Ehem, hapip bace blog kahwin? jengjengjeng.


udeyismail said...

belakon laa jadi DBKL

Kelly said...

salam...saya dh tertgk blog udey ni kerana ia among links from my fren's blog...cant wait to see ur pics...(if posted la...)

hidden.wing said...

udey : kecewa jugakla tak merasa watak DBKL malam tu. keling tu tido awal kot.

kelly : lambat lagi hehe :)