Jun 7, 2009

main table inspiration

speaking of tiffany decor, i am frequently being mistaken to wanting fresh blue flower as main decor. while the truth is, im more of looking forward for white flowers ;)

i've seen few pics of main table decor on net & interested with white orchid / hydrangea. this is one of them :

(pic from mat saleh's site)

above pic is a beach-themed engagement, there's still a room to tune it more to homey style. overall, the key is to get the flowers in white / greenish white & the tiffany will come in form of either ribbon, colored water, candle, artificial petals, lantern etc

since the wedding will be on Valentine's weekend, both northern decorators i've been YM-ing with over a month suggest for artificial flowers instead. i only request for hantaran & handbouquet to be fresh ones, so the rest can definitely go artificial :)

in meantime, abah has started drafting my wedding map. and ibu too, sudah confirmkan arabian canopy with butterfly scallop itu available in my hometown. boleh la check out for price & package later hehe...


sueanne sunshine said...

i love the orchid & hydrangeas. but they are VERY expensiveee..does anyone knows where to get these flowers with a very good price?

Qis said...

whites will definitely compliment tiffany... its funny bila kita ckp nak certain warna, they thought everything should be in that colour
:P heh.

good for you (on the canopy), should start surveying myself i.e. kena lebih kerap balik kg...

yunayuni said...

ooh good decision to stick to white flowers.dont use too much of the stronger colour,instead use many hints of it.

white is perfect with tiffany.

i went artificial too,during my wedding.only the centerpiece for VVIP table,candlestands and handbouquet je yang real flower.orchids and hydrangeas do cost a bomb,but if you manage to get an artifical one i think it will do the same justice :)

Anonymous said...

ur taste n ideas in wedding planning is sooo awesome n beautiful.. im glad for dat as it helps people like 2 who doesnt haf any idea n knowledge about anything + with busy parents, i haf 2 handle almost everything myself.. for that i thank you..

anil lutaze said...

santekkknye dear..tiffany mmg match dgn everything yg sweet lah.....

hrp org catering buat ...blom tntu santek sgt..die buat apa yg ada je...

i rase cam bertuah krn my sis ada tgn ajaib...her inspiration is david tutera.. my kezen main tble pon die buatkn..simple but sweet..nnti i tjuk kt blog..(kena ke?) ...
saja mahu brkongsi..

Fathiyah said...

hi :) eh,kte nak pgl u apa ye?
thanks 4 the wish.hehehe.br 6bln kawen.still in honeymoon mood :)

btw,kte got the right fushia setelah cari serata pelusuk KL ;p byk tmpt kte cari.at last,jmpa kat jakel.alas meja tu sbnrnya silk shawl.beli kat nichii ms sale.then kte turn it to be alas meja.hehe.yang lain tempah.except cadar.sheer curtain pun frm jakel.

kat penang ada jakel tak?kalo ada try la cr kat c2.btw,awak dah gi tgk kat euro moda?mybe ada.

nagoya,kamdar.ada.em,tapi kureng skit la dr segi material & colour.

bj bridesmaid 2 cun la.
ur wed in feb kan?mmg cnfrm harga fresh flowers akan naik gila2.tp awak guna fresh flowers just 4 hantaran & hand bouquet je.so,no need to worry.

u'll did hntrn by yourself kah?
kalo ye,make sure tokei kedai tu dah booked & simpan ur flowers.bcoz ms kte kawin dlu,tokei tu tak smpn my booking.hampeh.nsb baik ada backup flowers.

hand bouquet wajib fresh flowers bg kte.br pengantin akan nmpk 'hidup' & berseri :)

hidden.wing said...

to sueanne :

artificial hydrangeas @ Nilai (WS Handicraft)around rm4.90 but bunganya jarang2 sikit & limited colors. if u have extra penny, consider SSF - they've plenty of pretty live flowers. for fresh orchids, i found Floristika Bangsar selling for rm4-rm7 (a few tangkai inside depends on size) but different species from above pic...tiny ones in greenish white.

if you're buying in small quantity (e.g. room deco)- not worth pegi jauh2, just pick any closest KK Home Deco - in SACC quite huge :)

if you're going fresh flowers for your wedding, hire an expert as fresh deco requires last minute job :) hope this helps & happy hunting!

hidden.wing said...

Qis : hope my caterer wont hint any tiffany cordial hehehe

Ayuni : thx for the tips. mixing between fresh & artificial flowers tu sgt useful, esp for brides yg kahwin on V-Day hehe :)

Anonym : thanks dear.we're in same boat, so let's work this out together k :D

Anil : betul..i pun outsource main table deco kat org lain...caterer siap kan food & canopy je hihi

hidden.wing said...

hi again fathiyah!

ok, nanti i try check out list shops yg u share tu..esp for curtain :D

my hantaran outsource cos i tgn kayu hihihi. prob nye fresh flowers in my hometown quite limited. to tempah from kl, nanti layu cos i'll be back to penang a week before wedding.

nikah handbouquet tu hopefully can recycle for sanding pulak hehehe..

AmyMizzunderstood said...

love tiffany too...tapi takot catering tak dpt this color...btw,i tgh memikirkan theme color for my booth wedding exhibition this coming july!!

hidden.wing said...

exhibition kat mane amy?
amik color terang ok - senang dari jauh i boleh nampak hikhik

sitijamilahazmi said...

hey hey WLT!
i lavv reading your blog and i'm on my way to wedding preparation as well!its gona be in december so hope u can help me out w ur lovely entries doll! =)

hidden.wing said...

hi siti, love to have u here too :D

congrats on your engagement...mahu pics lagi hihihi

Que said...

where to get those flowers?

u may contact me... =D