Jun 21, 2009

one down, eight to go


he got the chrono, i got the blings.
so yesterday, we officially done with one dulang each for hantaran - watches :)

prior to Put's wedding yesterday, we went to The Garden and pay our frequent look-look-see-see visit to Selberan. their SA told they'll no longer carry Lazare diamond in future, therefore those remaining Lazares are now on clearance at 40% off. the left ones were smaller in carat, but being me, the first C that i'm concerned with is CUT. as long it's right, ideal cut, im fine with even that tiny 0.2c hehe. i wont be able to explain the significance, you'll finally know as more walk-ins you do to jewellery shops :)

p/s : selamat pengantin baru to Put, Hanie & Anil...to Hanie, maaf tidak dapat memenuhi jemputan - ade emergency sikit pasal our bibik. no rezeki to makan free hari ni hehe.


Fathiyah said...

hi awak ;)
got ur watches already ya.bling2?sure cantek ;) I dulu beli my jewellery kat habib.rsnya mostly jewellery shops harga lebih kurang je.kalo nak diamond ring,go for the 1 wif cert.ada value.

pelamin & walkway tu cantik sgt.workmanship NGI mmg tip top,so sesuai la dgn harganya kan.ur pelamin & walkway nnt 100% guna fresh flowers?

btw,my emel : ir_fathiyah@yahoo.com.my
mlm2 i online ;)

Syahniza said...

lega kan bila dah start beli brg2 hantaran, rasa ringan sikit beban kat kepala..tp pengalaman membeli brg2 tu mmg syoklaa..
as for me, we've gotten the watches, handbag and rings ready. the rest akan menyusul kemudian. good luck WLT, btw bila weddingnya? mine will in december 09

Anonymous said...

hi wlt

erm i'm anal with the 4Cs esp the CUT..mind sharing more info pls :)


Qis said...

ok, not gonna talk about rings here. but love the couple of birdies.

dialicious said...

u got Lazare?wah..bestnyeeerrr

zati said...

check this out http://www.thepartydress.net/?cat=71&paged=2

very nice combo

hidden.wing said...

fathiyah : branded diamond which they carry & workmanship cost diff sikit for some jewellers kan hehe. for bertandang je boleh gune FF cos dh lepas V-day..tu pun sikit2 je, nak save cost :D

syahniza : yup lega sikit. thinking of lagi 8 dulang then pening balik hihihi!..goodluck to u too, mine coming feb :P

Qis : well, so 'YOU'! hehe

diah : oops, look-look-see-see je diah *wink*..last year De Gem discount Lazare sampai 50%..geram je tgk hehe

zati : pink shades for table setting tu sgt cantik :D thanks!

hidden.wing said...

anonymous :

hi, honestly i'm not an expert..sikit2 bolehlah share..

it's actually craftmanship in cutting diamond facets..perfectly cut diamond will determine the reflection of bright white light (brilliance) - which contributes heavily to diamond's value. i'll let your jeweller to share those 8 hearts & 8 arrows k.

however, cut not easily defined by naked eyes as to carat - the best is to get the certified ideal cut (try Lazare, HOF, Estrella) & non side by side to get you screaming "ooh" and "aah" hehehe!

sorry if not that helpful..info ade sikit je hehe

p/s : Habib HOF having 30% disc @ KLCC until 28th June..usually max 10% je :)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Babe,go for HOF.

And go for loose diamond. Get the band customized for you.

Lazare,I've asked before.For a loose diamond, 0.3 carat,I colour and SI, costs roughly about 5k. Plus the casing (on how many numbers of prongs you like),about 6k++.

HOF 0.3 carat, VS1, G colour (obviously higher spec than Lazare I mentioned above), almost 5k.Plus casing around 6k++.Plus selalu keluar dlm Martha Stewart's mag!! Hehehe.

So the deal is HOF coz of the higher grade but similar price.

But hurmpp..since Lazare is having a clearance sale,might be a good deal too.

Tapi kan,yg takut kalau beli HOF is the workmanship.Kan habib yg akan buat the workmanship..and normally I heard horror stories...but maybe kalau diamond dh semahal tuh,they will do it more properly kot. =)

Degem & Selberan,mmg konfem high class workmanship.

I'm so jealous of you! If only I was rich. *sighs*

You choose. Good luck!

hidden.wing said...

hi TSS, where have u been...?!

me neither a rich brat la, me too got to compromise carat for a good cut diamond :)

my BFF freaked me out with her horror story when she saw cracked diamond being sold at Habib & one of the diamond tu siap tanggal from the band - and both happened on same day? she never did any return from the day on, trauma hehe. i frust Habib SA ni double standard, unlike other reputable jewellers like Selberan, DeGem & D&P..customer service tiptop & their SAs are knowledgable & no pandang org sebelah mata kind..my opinion :D

Lazare from Selberan susah if any future prob..cos they no longer carry Lazare in future.plus De Gem not accepting outside Lazare for any service or upgrade.

semalam i check out Le Lumiere 0.3+c loose diamond, G color, VS1 selling at rm3k+..GIA certified with triple excellent, quite a bargain kan (definitely not comparable to famous Lazare hehe). including 4-prong white gold band around rm4k and that's the only one left too hehe!

but so far, i found Estrella's most affordable for perfect cut diamond. last time i check for 0.3c solitaire with mini diamonds both sides (the minis are Estrella too!) going for less than rm4k, including platinum band. but tak ingat detail spec *sigh

u petroleum engineer lagi banyak duit hehe!

Anonymous said...

hi wlt..

thanks for the info :)

my personal point of view..i like estrella and the price is reasonable among all. and when the SA actually showed the diamond under that loupe, i can actually see the perfect hearts and arrows.

i just noticed your reply harini and menyesal tak bace earlier sbb sgt informative especially from other readers coz I just got my 'rock' yesterday hu hu