Jun 18, 2009

mini bouquet

i've blogged about her last time.

she's one of talented lady in cuppy making.
check out her latest inspiring creation,
perhaps another new idea for hantaran, brides :)

cuppies made into lovely bouquet miniatures.
*heart the butterfly too hee*

for more designs, click here.


nurul aziyana said...

wah very sweet...syg nk makan..

sweet cravings said...

wlt, comey sgt la cuppies tu!! :P. rasa cam nk frame je. tanak mkn.. hehe

dialicious said...

cuteeeee!!!izzit expensive per cupcake bouquet tu?i wantttttt..huhuhu

Wiz said...

Sweetness of you!!!!! No wonder have been getting visitors from your blog. Thanks so much. Muahs!