Jun 17, 2009

fuschia - sweet and light

the day we decided fuschia to be our bertandang theme, i've gotten few recommendations to combine the theme with black. honestly, i'm not really into black, esp for wedding, as the color tend to dominate the theme.

the traditionalist inside me telling the combination is speaking gothic combo (read: MAC Hello Kitty) than the sweet-look that i'm seeking for.

still, it's not easy to convince how those bright fuschia could live up our desired sweet theme. but i believe playing with shades of pink and soft purple would do some wonders. i've seen one in Indon bridal mag earlier, but they added up pink lighting to support the theme. our local, Wishing Tree did once for a chinese wedding, impressive one but i bet it's costly too, sigh, sigh.

i googled high and low for fuschia and pink shades pelamin deco and above pic is the closest i could find. it's not even gothic, the combo just as sweet as i wanted.

we're not looking for excessive deco since our hall is small. and regarding decorator, i've been YM-ing this lady for months and her quotation seems to fit our small budget for fresh flowers decor. there are few too offering cheaper package, but this lady has the plus point for her experience handling bright colors wedding decor (and it's not easy to get a vendor who semangat to layan your silly questions for months too hehe.....). afterall, they're still on paper, not much i could say until the big day itself, kan.

just a tip friends - dont get easily excited with quotation for fresh flower wedding deco. some are cheaper due to daun lebih banyak dari bunga, so do check...sample of their previous work would be your best guru to benchmark :)

but brides, always remember, things dont always come as per our plan. the best thing is to keep surveying while you have time and finally, pray for the best. cheers ;)


Syahniza said...

Hi there.
Am a new reader-now-constant- visitor of your blog. Thanks for the link to Wishing Tree, never knew that they exists until you posted about it here. Their works are simply breath-taking, the absolute dreams of many brides-to-be!
Anyways, perhaps you may want to check out some of these mat saleh wedding sites to help out in your search for the perfect fuschia-black theme that you're looking for and move on to many others in their blog rolls (since there are to many to quote in here):

Good luck!

dialicious said...

i love pink so much n i grew up in pink dats y i couldnt choose pink for my theme color coz its too me..huhuhu..so now seeing ur pink research makes my heart melt..bestnye!heheh

NahWaL said...

survey sampai habis kan?but how do we make sure how the flowers for deco turn out well?other people's budget may not be the same. just hope for the best huh?

so have u decided who ure choosing for deco ?i asked for hall deco and pelamin for reception and nikah, and TWF quoted me for 7k. is that reasonable considering their beautiful work. i do love their work

ms. white said...

hi babe, fushia and orange is a nice combo too. fresh and sweet.

Anonymous said...


Can you email me the northern pelamin designer for your May entry as well?? My email is ebilgalz@hotmail.com Thanks yea!! Missha

Anonymous said...

Hi.. If you dont mind sharing.. Who's gonna do ur deco?? any reccomendations?? Hehe. Thanks.

sweet cravings said...

wlt, suka la pix tu! sweet je... :) oh, best je deal dengan org yang rajin melayan queries kita kan? baru la rasa semangat nak deal dengan dia.. hee. :)

but like u've said, the probabilities of the things doesn't turn out as expected can be very disappointing. so, i rasa... no matter how excited we are, we need to be under control & realistic la kot. huhu. ;)

Nariko said...

awrite.! u never go wrong with pink
dun worry, u ada masa lagi nak survey2 ni, sure u'll get the best catch!

Fathiyah said...

awak,just my 2 cent.kte prefer soft color.mcm dlm gmbr yg awak post nih.mmg sgt sweet.suka nye!for me,pengantin harus sweet.kalo plh dull & too bright color not so suitable.but depends jugakla kan.awak ada ms lg utk survey.so,use ur time :) gd luck & all da best frm me.

idea bg tasbih as souvenier mmg sgt menarik.kte prefer pengantin bg benda2 yg boleh tetamu manfaatkan kemudian hari.on my wed dlu,kte bg yassin & al-ma'surat for vip.beli at Darul Numan,Wisma Yakin.beli byk dpt diskaun :) then kte just tampal sticker design sendiri.hehe.jimat.kalo nak customize punya,kat Medan Mara pun ada.not sure how much.

awak choose uday ye.great choice!kte suka pics uday.kte amik moqh sbb kte suka lomo pic.and he is the master of lomo.hehe.geng CS mmg best.sure awak akan get along dgn diaorg nih.best!

just cdgn la k.kte dlu save & print pics pose pengantin yg kte suka.then kte show kat moqh.from there dia tau kte nak wed pics yg mcm mn.and he plus his expertise,my wed pics turns sooo gorjes :)

hidden.wing said...

syahniza : hi there, im not looking for black and pink dear. but anyway, thanks for the links - so sweet of u hehehe

diah : haha, my BFFs pun teka i'll be having purple for my wed.. apparently, they're just wrong yeay..lifetime event kan, nak la lain sikit kan hehehe

ms white : yeap.perfect combo, esp for outdoor. meriah sikit hehe!

both anonymous : give me some time eh.. in meantime, some vendors at my sidebar worth to check out too :)

mira : agreed. pengantin harus maintain senyum walaupun geram tgk centerpiece senget2 hihihi

nariko : hopefully!

hidden.wing said...

nahwal dearie,

fresh flower deco require last minute task, quite difficult for brides to monitor the preparation, esp for event held other than your own home e.g. hall/hotel.

it's not an excuse anyway :)

the least is to get your designer to sketch your pelamin with detail, some can simulate them with autocad tau..canggih tu hehe. then u know where to slash/add in your preference according to your budget..

i cant fairly judge your 7k quot by TWF since i've no idea what's the hall deco inclusive of...? but i'm expecting nothing less than 3panels pelamin, 8-10 walkway flowerstands, maintable deco for 10pax?

hidden.wing said...

thanks fathiyah. we're thinking alike. i still want fuschia theme, i'll go for combination of pink shades to tone down the bright theme for our hall deco, fuschia flowers can selit sikit2 je :)

pasal tasbih tu, i tgh berusaha to get parents approval hehe..susah sikit cos my hometown nye mindset VIP shoud get bunga telur :P

saw your wedding pix @ moqh's. ceria je u both hehe...now i lay my fate on udey je, hopefully ok too :P

btw, can i have ur email@YM? thanks :D

Iris said...


been reading your blog for the past few days and found it very informative. bleh tak share some info with me on who's doing your pelamin deco?i need some ideas for my mini pelamin utk nikah. ada bad experience with this 1 konon glamor wedding planner with whom I am cancelling so in search of responsible, nice and cooperative ppl.pls help and email me! =) thanks