Jun 3, 2009

heels are made for walking

i saw a nice pair of wedding shoes last Friday, it came in plain off-white with a line of diamante, typical liking of capri brides. price wise, not so bad considering i have rm120 voucher to be redeemed. but, i didn't bring any voucher during the time. next time, perhaps.

and yesterday, i went there again, alone. but, the pair was no longer there.

ok, not my rezeki then.

my earlier plan was to wait until dress siap.
the risk of buying now, the heels may not match my dress - color, dress theme.
while risk of buying later; my bertandang dressmaker is sooo known to be working until final day of pick up date. so it might be too late to check out any pretty heels left.

they have few other outlets in town just in case.
should i wait, or should i buy now. custom-made doesn't count ;)

wedding shoes pun can be an issue kan? perhaps, the
article was just right - capri brides are too caught up with details, and sometimes, they forget to have fun while doing their wedding preparation. hehe. rasenye ni penyakit anyone working 8-5 as planner haha.


[ Hanie ] said...

saya punya pun belum ada :( susah nak cari yg berkenan..haihhh

Quiyah said...

same here.... me a capri bride too.. i slalu stress dgn details! when tak kena, confem nangis.. dasyat kan?

sweet cravings said...

i pun undecided... i mean to wait until the dress is done or just to go for the shoes... huhuhu

hidden.wing said...

hanie : *sign that i have to wait*

quiyah : then smile now :D

mira : ehem,sudah jumpa dream shoes ye *wink*