Dec 26, 2009

bertandang hall

semalam after fira's wedding, i saja check out my hall again since our dewan just above fira's hall (dewan seri melati). the staffs were preparing for night reception...hopefully they didnt mind i took some pics & shared it here for benefit of those previously asking me on this hall..esp uyaa hehe...we were shortlisting MBSA banquet hall & perbadanan pjaya hall previously, but finally settled with pjaya due to its close proximity to in-laws house :)

some info to share, the name is Dewan Seri Siantan. with capacity of 1000 pax seating, this how the interior look like :

since we'll be having only 500 guests..we took Dewan Siantan 1...a partitioned version of Dewan Seri Siantan...very small kan

reception & gift table area...if you're taking the big Siantan, the middle pintu will be your grand entrance

the lounge area opposite the reception area...with comfy sofa. boleh camwhoring di sini before the majlis start hee :)

the other side lounge...last time i went, ppl suka smoking remember to close unnecessary doors during the function...washroom at the end side of this lane

Bilik Bunga Raya, the holding room to Seri Melati room is located inside..

cant remember where i got this pic, but this the best pic of real event in smaller Siantan i have...mostly the rest found yang guna bigger Siantan...look at the lampu...i guess they still pretty even no nice chandeliers like the one i love in MBSA banquet hall hehe..

rate : rm2.55k (siantan 1 @ 2), rm4.8k (seri siantan)
location : presint 3, kompleks perbadanan putrajaya (nearby landmark : Palace of Justice)
tempahan dewan form, click here

the good :
- simple & modern interior
- high ceiling hall, fully carpet & aircond
- rate inclusive PA system, pelamin platform, projector & whitescreen for slideshow
- can survey & check out bebila you surat menyurat required :)
- nice & clean washroom
- rate for full day usage, no hourly charges for prep & rehearsal
- pelamin & setup can start a night before if you wish :) f.o.c.
- can hire outside caterer, but make sure your caterer can provide exact size of chair cover to fit their banquet chair..the kepala quite big..
- panel caterer can absorb kerusi & meja no need to pay. panel including siti catering
- free basement worry if hujan etc
- musolla available at tingkat bawah
- deposit murah je...10%

the bad :
- rate not inclusive meja & kerusi
- no outside table & chair. their rental rm3 (meja) & rm1.50 (banquet chair) - still cheap for banquet rate
- no grand chandelier
- no grand pelamin stage...only foldable platform
- holding room foc, vip room chargeable at rm500
- partitioned hall quite small actually..meja will be cramp for 500pax
- located at 2nd pengantin kena naik escalator or lift
- too many pintu....advisable to close fews to avoid ppl simply going in-out for smoking & lepak at lounge during majlis etc..
- for siang event, possibility of clashes with other weddings becos pjaya mgmt will open both seri melati hall & siantan for function
- for siang event, Bilik Bunga Raya (holding room) not guaranteed...priority for seri melati booking

my personal opinion on perbadanan putrajaya hall, for banquet setting of 500pax is ok...just abit crowded. so save your bux not to all out for deco cos they'll make the small hall look rather messy..i myself abit pening since his aunty insist to sponsor entertainment while the hall no longer have space to accomodate..and i personally dont think we should cut the guest # just for this :( aunty boleh tak sponsor benda lain? :)

for buffet setting, i prefer seri melati hall...becos they're located downstairs, easier to access becos buffet guests ramai and they'll be in-out within short period..for 1k pax seating u may consider the bigger Siantan..but somehow for same rate i think Seri Endon is nicer..except you have to pay more if u nak bring outside caterer/decorator hehe...

and for info, mostly gov halls only allow 2010 booking & deposit payment by sept onwards..if earlier, they mostly kasi u letak nama je (which, if ada kroni they can easily cut your queue since no deposit to secure us) once u put your them every month, just to check when can they accept the deposit sampai they jemu hehe..becos chances of they calling us is pretty much less...the frequent call up nampak pathetic kan..but we better be safe than sorry..happy hall hunting to newbies =)


miss diaNa said...

first time nk leave comment. ^_^

thank you for the info. really helps. dahla mmg tgh survey2 venue. sekali bukak ur blog u bg a very good review abt this place.


all this while silently read jer. ^_^

Elly ANAILLE said...

hi shylla

i pulak dah book kat dwn seri melati. after meeting, singgah jap tengok2 dewan and fell in love with the place, trus paid depo. bayangkan, i came on july hari tu and most of the weekend dates for oct 2010 dah fully booked. nasib i cepat.

and the bad part is tula, i'm afraid my guests confuse nnt since they didn't block the date for the other hall. takut nanti ade double wedding kan. at that time of my booking date, the other hall (seri siantan) is still unoccupied. but now tak tau la. just hope guests won't be confused. *prays*

Flowerie said...

finally u buat kat putrajaya..dkt ngan umah i hehe...ade survey tak dewan kat precinct 15,dewan sri seroja tu?kecik tk kalo nk buat buffet siang hari

NahWaL said...

wow so informative la sis. huhu. i booked dewan banquet MBSA, but then in laws want to change the dates of the bertandang, making the period between 2 kenduri more than a month.

huuhuh looking for other alternatives. shah alam not that much choice la..(except if ure willing to pay rm55 per pax)

u live in shah alam ?

ederq said...

i just got married 2 weeks back at dewan seri seroja, putrajaya. nak book siantan tp dah full since jan!
putrajaya punya hall mmg recommended. sgt comfy. tp check btol2 projector dia. mine rosak sket n dpt tau nite b4 event. and the vid adalah tak cantiklah masa display. pecah2. kesian videographer i penat2 wat. :(

and suggestion for entertainment - gamelan. xbyk space required. if u need a recommendation, lemme know :)

ederq said...

flowerie: my event cater 1500pax. okay je dewan seri seroja. tp time sanding adalah full. :)

hidden.wing said...

welcome diana! happy hunting & may you find your perfect dream venue too! :)

elly..kan..i never percaya they said only sept can pay depo..nasib yours dah secured =) i've attended my friend's wed there in 2007, both halls ada wedding..she appointed one rep to jaga at perbadanan entrance to direct guests to which hall..your hall dkt chances ppl going to your hall is higher sbb lebih dekat no worry..but u may need to put up bunting jugakla at tangga yg masuk from other side tak confuse :)

hidden.wing said...

oh elly..if u need the map..i have the simplified one (shared by my friend)..yang dlm their borang tu complicated & besa..masuk kad jadi kecik je & tak clear..hehe

flowerie..for 1000pax buffet catering selalunya caterer will setup 230-240 tables..referring to seroja capacity 250pax seating stated in borang..insyaAllah no prob =) try to maximize your table..sbb peak hr ramai org kan..

nahwal, im penangite :) in-laws staying in cheras. personal opinion between s.alam & pjaya halls..s.alam banyak choice with competitive rates.. but most of their gov halls interior a bit old style..pjaya banquet halls quite limited & rate pun quite expensive..happy hunting!

thanks ederq! i'll letak in my checklist =) projector my fren's wed at melati last weekend takde prob..i selalu wonder jugak when we can betul2 check the equipments..cos usually we access the hall earliest like a day before event je kan..and by the time mcm dah too late nak tuka ape2 hehe..will find out how, thx again! :D

farah fatihah said...

my sis's wedding haritu kat sri siantan. kalau amik full dewan mmg besar!cantik dan selesa. lots of nice place for outdoor shoot. yang susahnya jauh orang nak dtg dan ramai yang sesat :D

[ Hanie ] said...

yes, dwn ni sangat cantik!
kami penah shoot kat dewan ni dulu :) mmg selesa sgt...
betul kata farah, outdoor shoot sgt senang, keluar dewan, dah nampak panorama yg cantik! hehe ;) lucky u

Elly ANAILLE said...

owh..thanks babe! boleh! boleh! can share with me the map? since i buat kad sendiri, so agak pening ni cari map yg simple and fit my tiny invitation card tuh. ;p

do share yeah. thanksss!

hidden.wing said...

*flowerie : ooops..shud be 23-24 tables actually..typo :)

farah, dah checkout your sis' wed..very meriah! one thing i learnt psl it any place..alamanda hotel ke..or dewan..first timer selalu sesat hehe..i prefer guna MEX..tak jam, cepat gile & senang exit je terus nmpk signboard to perbadanan :D photographer pun ckp same thing..byk nice place nak shoot outdoor..he siap ajak outdoor right b4 the majlis..hish..takkanlah..kotor dress kang sape susah hehehe..

elly..kasi your email add :)

MyRule said...

Series... cantik dewan ni.. tiba2 tejatuh hati.. :P

hidden.wing said...

thanks myrule...
hopefully their new PIC wont cause us any headache later ;)

uyaa said...

hehehe. almost 10x bace, ni br prasan yang my name was tagged lam entry ni hehee

nur diana said...

Miss WLT

do u by any chance have the list of panel caterer for dewan sri siantan?

do u mind if you could email me at if you do have those..~

thank you so much~

p/s:- congrats on ur wedding.. hope it's not too late to wish you ^_^

LSuzie said...

HI. I want to hold my IU day at Dewan Seri Siantan. Do you by any chance have a number that I could contact or a website that I could visit to confirm the price and seatings? It would mean alot if you do. Please reply me soon. Thank you.

Bruce Dyson said...

Wow, I love that wedding gowns. I want one just like it!