Dec 25, 2009

MU Photography

friends, i know i still hutang some of u email reply....the qs like mcm2, dont worry cos honestly i love attending your qs :) bcos u remind of what i've gone through last time..the ride is never easy, but worthwhile!

all in all i could conclude fave query from the b2b-ies is rate for udey, ikram & syomir. it would be alot easier if i could publish the rate here but im just not going to. reason being, vendor tu sendiri pun tak publish his rate in his web...i had to respect their policy as well :)

for those previously asking on udey's..some info to share, udey's no longer with CS. he & moqh now setting up their own photography services and i personally suggest you to re-check out the NEW them!

pre-wedding of one bride blogger :)
selamat pengantin baru to her!

keyword : BIGGER ALBUM! CHEAPER PRICE ;) tempted? call them now to find out more (or immediately place your booking hee!)

p/s : no, i dont get any commission or any sort of discount promoting them...(in fact im still paying the same, old price sobs!)...i'm just excited good photographers are now more affordable for future pengantins :)


dell said...

yupyup they're worth every penny, highly recommended! i think they'll even soar higher on their own :)

hidden.wing said...

dell, u ex-client?
i wish them all the best too..and keep up the good job :D

AmyMizzunderstood said...

dear,dell is one of photographers too...btw pic tasya sgt superb!!i pergi wedding dia that day... :)

udeyismail said...

dell nie kawan kita2 jugak, Amy dah tgk semua gamb tasya.. tunggu gamb reception dia nanti

hidden.wing said...

oh amy! dell digitalsyndicate..and marryme owner kan hehe..baru tgk pic..tasya naturally mmg lawa kan... :D

udey...dah sempat tgk sneak peek reception tasya ;) nak tanya...awat editing tak mcm dulu dah hehe..

harzharun said...

susah kan nak cr OP ni..i adore candid pic..suke sgt..n diambik from angle yg x disangka...pening nak cr!