Dec 15, 2009

last weekend, we....

last weekend :

- went to sec14 for custom made balloon. they dont have what i want..if again tak jumpa, i'll scrap off the idea...
- went to uncle Tony for his suit in pj. fiance salah dgr the quotation & the price turned out beyond the budget...we're doing some reconsideration, but i know fiance really want uncle tony to tailor his suit..hmm
- teman fiance for first fitting in shah alam, nothing major for alteration..except fiance looked really kurus. he really bengang i asyik ejek he got nice pinggang, like girls! :P
- singgah choffles damansara, ordering sugarbox
- met up decorator in batu caves. requoted some items & lepak until 2 freaking a.m.
- pagi supposed appoinment with 2 cake makers in pj, cancel last minit..
- the whole sunday spent in jln TAR. sadly, none of the kedai i went ada the stuff to diy my bunga pahar hantaran :( last resort : order online
- jumpa hantaran decorator in setapak after visit wesz yg baru dpt baby (congrats!). by the time, i dah sgt letih & sort of unprepared. concept almost finalized & the tray pun mcm sesuai je :)
- both days started with gym session in the morning & had to rush sbb byk wedding tasks to do..

p/s : sila kira # of places we went in two days..dah mcm road-tour :P


sweet cravings said...

dear, same goes to me! i've been running here & there since the past two weeks! now, i am currently DIY-ing my bunga pahar like crazy! heheh.

[ Hanie ] said...

road tour yg sgt berbaloi kan? tapi nanti pikir2 balik, seronok! ;)

hidden.wing said... remind of my not-started bunga pahar hantaran...brg nak DIY tak jumpa, how... :(

hanie, road tour masa engagement dulu pun sudah terkenang-kenang.. :D

miss F said...

i pun road-tour mcm u jgak last weekend! huhu! dh 3mgu berturut-turut. 2 months to go dear! tetiba berdebar..