Sep 11, 2008

a bad day

Last few days were slow & leaving a horrible feeling towards my dotty. we had another big fight, and again over a small thing - he planned to have buka puasa with his friends instead of me...until now, we never had our own buka puasa yet (kat umah my aunt aritu doesnt count ok).

i always have the feeling of i'm not that so important to him, or am i just being tooo sensitive? he said i'm too greed, always expecting for more and more from him. deep down in my heart, as a girlfriend, is it wrong to be given special attention and priority?

this is not the first time he made me feel this way, and surely not the last time. sometimes i just keep thinking should our relationship still go on while we already knew that we dont really have much in common? i'm kinda introvert, and therefore i always looking forward to spend my time with him, ONLY. but he's the other way round - he loves to be surrounded by people, especially his friends (rather than me?)

after our 6yrs relationship, i might need to seriously think back. *tears*

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