Sep 5, 2008

KL-Jakarta-Bandung April 2009

hooray we finally booked our ticket to Bandung!!! 5D4N, with one night in Jakarta.
somehow i dont really tempted to the shopping part, the whole thing started with the idea of pre-wedding survey. heard so much stuffs can be bought cheap over there.

by that time, i'm already a fiancee to dotty, insyaAllah. if everything is ok then i'll start buying those wedding stuffs in bandung & jakarta, otherwise it will be left just another surrrveyyy :P

things im looking forward? cheap & nice stuffs like wedding card, wedding dress, doorgifts, telekung, hantaran if possible?!

really cant wait for our first girlsss-only trip to Jakarta-Bandung! *checking out MATTA fair for best deal on Bandung groud package...sightseeing pun nak la jugak hehe...


Mrs. Amie said...

Go for Jakarta if u want something exclusive for ur wedding card..the place called Pasar Tebet..Ask the driver to drive u there.. Remember, the price is very cheap and will attract u to buy a big card (the hard cover hard of course!)But, try to avoid the big one! Choose the cutey hard cover card which u think u can bring it back without any difficulties.. Remember, the card that u will bring or post from Jakarta, will stuck at custom Malaysia.. This is for sure.. save ur RM to pay the custom tax! U cannot run from this. don't go for Bandung's wedding card.. it's suck!

You can ask me anything regarding ur preparation. I've been to Jakarta n bandung for my wed preparation too!

Mrs. Amie said...

Oh, u can see my wedding card that I bought at Jakarta at my blog ok.. u will surprise if u know the price..

hidden.wing said...

thanks amie for sharing! lengthy comment, but very very useful tip. so bride-to-be out there, let us serbu amie's blog for next next tip plak hehe :D