May 20, 2009

home wedding canopy

our wedding will be something experimental since it's the first wedding for both families (in fact, we're first grandchild too!). and due to that, both us & parents, sometimes lost our way while doing this planning thing hehe ..

for penang reception, abah estimates the guests to be max of 2000 pax, including spouse & kids. our nikah & reception wil be held on same Saturday, and i need to help abah out what's the market like for wedding catering & canopies ... merely to benchmark price for penang packages.

i found some info on canopies on net, need your insight whether it's standard price or else. and based on your experience, how many canopies required for 1500-2000 pax lunch buffet? how further can i go for discount? pro & cons of each below, and any necessary items e.g. buffet table, main table etc. (add on/complimentary). if couple with catering, how much roughly the price p/pax?

Basic Pyramid Canopy Set (rm300)

- canopy 18' x 18'
- 2 lightings
- 1 fan
- 40 chairs, uncovered
- 4 big tables
- 1 layer scallop

Arabian Canopy with 2 Layers Scallop (rm500)

- canopy 20' x 20'
- 2 lightings
- 1 fan
- 40 covered plastic chairs with ribbon
- 4 big tables with cover
- 2 layers scallop
- underlayer

Arabian Canopy with Butterfly Scallop (rm550)

- canopy 20' x 20'
- 40 covered plastic chairs with ribbon
- 5 covered round tables
- lighting
- ceiling fan
- underlayer
- butterfly scallop

p/s : lightings above are not chandeliers.

(that butterfly scallop really steal my heart....)


NahWaL said...

yes the butterfly canopy is cool. so the canopy is for ur akad right since u wat reception dekat dewan i suppose"?

fizz said...

at only 50 ringgit diff, i'd say go for the butterfly one lah. kool somemore.

dialicious said...

I dunno the price in Penang but the last one seems in line with KL's price.2nd one yg rm500 tu a bit pricey.for 1000pax buffet u will need 10 canopies if ur using round tables.kalo 2000 tu 15canopies cukup kot

Quiyah said...

the butterfly cano[py steals my heart too!

sweet cravings said...

hmm, i've been thinking the same thing jugak tp, sbb u da post dlu entry ni... i only have to refer here.. heheh :P i have to agree with fizz, at 50 ringgit diff, baik je amik that one.. plus, if u nak amik banyak- it can be negotiated further kan?? heh, pepandai je..

but in my case, i can only try to fit the canopies dlm kawasan rumah... huk! :( tak sampai 10 pun but, we are expecting 2K and more people.. haihh.

Qis said...

yess... agreed.

additional $50 makes all the difference!

hidden.wing said...

peeps, actually price atas ni kl punye...will use it as benchmark when discuss ngan penang caterer/canopy supplier nnt - so i really need ur opinion on pricing esp hehe

hidden.wing said...

nahwal : my akad+reception di rumah ;)

fizz + quiyah + qis :
butterfly scallop cantik when it purely comes in white & must complete with underlayer (+ cost of rm50-rm100 each). underlayer ni for canopy pengantin dah la kan hehe!

mira : yup, still negotiable :D

diah : 15? banyaknye *sob*....

yunayuni said...

hurm butterfly scallop tu cantik.if your budget allows addla chandelier.pergh..cantek!

hidden.wing said...

thx yuni, will highly consider it for canopy pengantin :)

ehem, congrats on ur recent wedding too!

esca said...

Arabian canopy so lovely.. but its too expensive.. harga KL x tau la brp...

hidden.wing said...

esca dear, price above ni kl punye hehehe

YOU CAN CALL ME : Miss X said...

may i know the contact number for the arabian butterly canopy tu? yg i dapat rm1200. mahal kan? urgh help me. mane u dpt 550?

Topaz said...


Can give me the contact for 3 canopies? Very nice!im from KL.


k@mi said...

hi, butterfly canopy tu mmg cantek sgt la.. especially klu mlm, tp cantik x klu buat siang, huhu...

SyahirahSaid said...


Can I please get the contact number for the canopies from u?

Kindly email me at

Thank you :)

Tricia Toh said...

Hi there,
I'm from Singapore while my fiance's from Penang. We will be hosting our outdoor wedding in Penang next year.
As I not familiar around Penang, I having trouble sourcing for a canopy/tent vendor.
Can u kindly share your vendor's contact? Thanks and would very much appreciate it :)