May 22, 2009

type of bride

What Type of Bride Are You?
(it's super wordy..... ;)

The Traditionalist
She looks beyond fashion to style. This may involve careful assessment of all her features, strengths and flaws and how she can make them work to her best advantage. Everything she wears conveys a distinct message of confidence. Style icon like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy. They all expressed an effortless elegance in what they wore. In reality, they were only true to themselves-unique women with their own take on style. Gown decoration should be distinctive yet understated, as with hand-tied bows, fabric-covered buttons, delicate lace trims or subtle embroidery. Always relevant and timeless.

The Modernist
Sense of daring is always implied. Often rigorous or highly exaggerated, it also indicates a style of dress that requires thought. Blending textures and shapes is a trademark of a bride who always look toward the future. Her dress is more like an art. It demands great intellect and energy to be a Modernist.

The Sensualist
She is obsessed with experiencing pleasure in every part of her life. A wedding gown should seduce and adorn. She doesn't wear the dress, she experiences it. She delights in her body and revels in her powers of seduction. Physical sensitivity guides her sense of style. Fabric should drape and fall suggestively against her skin with nothing to confine, restrict or bind. Luxury and extravagance equal sensuality.

The Individualist
Her desire for self-expression transcends all other considerations. She will go to any length to make a fashion statement. Personal expression is key. This may translate into a choice of an unusual color or a more unexpected silhouette. Head-strong and opinionated, she wears her individuality like a badge of honor. Although she may not set trends, she is most definitely not a follower.

The Romanticist
She is ruled by higher passions than the reality around her. She considers life a adventure. She is transported by a dress. For her fantasy is always a reality. Her innate femininity and love of beauty can inspire a gown of great fragility and enchantment. Delicate ruffles, billowing sleeves, or a lavish fully bustled train are only some of the details that create a romantic gown. Flirtation and femininity are her preferred tools of seduction. She embraces them equally.

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anil lutaze said...

saya rasa saya the x taulah kalu trsilap ke..saya bce sekali imbas..maka..paham pun sekali imbas je la..hik

♥HANA♥ said...

saya mungkin takde dalam senarai, er... bakal pengatin yang jenis nakkan kelainan.. ada kan?

hidden.wing said...

anil : betullah tu :) mine rojak! haha

hana : ade....hihi

dialicious said...

sekali pandang terus tertumpu kepada 'the individualist' the selfist kot..hahaha

hidden.wing said...

diah : not necessarily a trendsetter, but definitely not a follower...wowwwie hehehe!