May 5, 2009

wearing tiffany

i'm home and returning to office with piles of work waiting is ... *yawn* blogging will keep me up, so let's do some wedding update :)

slight change to reception dress.

silver lace with soft tiffany lining bought
earlier was veto-ed off by mom. agreed, it wasn't my 1st choice pun. the one i was eyeing selling at rm230/m in Silk Route Mayestik, so for 5m tailoring will definitely ruin my pocket! well basically, that was how i ended up with cheaper silver lace & reserve my white french lace for majlis bertandang.

but but ....

not after my visit to Tanah Abang last sunday ... one of textile shop at basement selling the exact white French lace with tiffany blue flower at similar pricetag ....except, it came with big 50% discount sign on top! the barganing went on, we finally settled with rm95/meter wheeee...!! *will share shop info & my just-back report in next entry*

we reached Mayestik by 6pm. with heavy rain outside, we decided to survey only up to 4 nearby shops and the final & longggg stop was at Silk Route. Mr. Gobin recall me; the girl who belek that white french lace with tiffany blue flower for hours but akhirnya tak beli jugak ..... dang! i showed him the exact lace bought in TA and he was screaming right after he knew the price wahaha :D

white always the dominant.
while tiffany complementing for perfection ..

i was singing all the way back home. and definitely know why hihi ;D


sweet cravings said...

wlt- can't wait for your next entry.. hahah.. eee, i envy u for getting good lace bargain.. :P hehe

dialicious said...

wah..bestnyer..pls share w us the shop at TA tu.(eventho mine has sent to d tailor already) goin there again end of this mth..huhuh..
*u were smiling coz u had a good looking steward in ur plane?hahaha*

nurul aziyana said...

so cute la handbouqet ni..huhu simple n very nice

[ Hanie ] said...

wahh sudah balik. Yer, saya nantikan entri tersebut :D ape lagi yg diborong kat sana?

anil lutaze said...

waahh...dpt mcm 2 lg erk...serunuk2... saya je x merasa mjlis perkhwinan dmana brg2nya dbeli dsana...ahak..

awak..reveal sgera pncarian dgn detail..n nk tgk lace ituuu

4weddingku.mya said...

Warh! I also loike it very much!!

hidden.wing said...

sc : tepakse buat muke kasihan mase bargain tu haha

diah : wow, jadi pegi ye? hoho, remember "cute guys dont get your attention anymore..." hahaha

nurul : comelkan ..

hanie : magazine pun diborong, boleh ke wahahaha !

anil : alamak, nanti tak surprise lah pulak hihik

mya : bouquet tu ye? hihi