May 6, 2009

Jakarta-Bandung trip

As promised, JKT-BDO report.

Tickets booked during MAS promo with overall rm200++ each. 2 nights spent in
Panghegar (BDO) while remaining in Grand Cempaka Jakarta. Ground package hired by auntie was the biggest mistake and since abah was paying, I’d rather not to curse my uncle whose from day 1 insisting for luxury hotel. gile annoying ..

Conversion used rm1 = 3000 rupiah. I must admit, some stuffs were bought without any idea of pricing in malaysia ehhe .. pasrah je ..

Regarding french lace, you can try Tanah Abang where i got mine with more than 50% cheaper than Mayestik. The good thing, you can buy per meter rather per potong (2.5m). Unlike Mayestik, TA retailers took smaller quantity of french laces (usually less than 6m) for sale. Once the first customer bought the first few metres, the so-called leftovers will be sold at super discounted kan? but sometimes, you might not get full 4m lah..depends on your luck. Choices quite limited compared to Mayestik. The one i went was Victory Textile Shop, Lantai B2, Los D 75-75A Pasar Tanah Abang.

French laces are typically plain, so i bought some tiffany Swarovski & other decorative stones from Charisma (thanks Diah!) at Lantai 7 T.Abang. Faza, whose mother doing the beadwork agreed the stuffs were cheap... roughly rm33 and rm18(smaller) for pack of 144pcs. some are iron on, while some stones kene jahit.

At Median, Lantai 2 Pasar Baru, bought my friend 2.5m japanese lace for 300k rupiah. a little expensive than my last purchase (275k) as they claimed it came with french lace design, layan je hehe. Bargained for Valentino shantung 130k/meter for his bertandang outfit.. cheaper pun ade, 15k rp, but the material mcm kurang solid :\ For those going to Bandung, you can find french laces here and another is Angel, Lantai 2 too ..

Faza had her reception dress made by Endar @Rumah Mode in Pasar Baru, with sample from one of Rizman Ruzaini's made for Siti Nurhaliza. The price inclusive kain, tailoring, patching, beadwork, veil, shoes and delivery to penang. The dress will take about one month to complete. Endar's previous works including nikah dress for one of our actress & dress for this well-known muslimah bridal boutique. Faza also bought ready made Indon bridal kebaya for her majis bertandang at 1.6 juta rp.

Since we'll be wearing white, our family got the green light to wear the tiffany. Abah & brothers' tiffany kain were all bought at Silk Route, Mayestik, ranging from 15k/m to 120k/m ... ibu had her discounted lacey here .. we usik her baju dah kalah pengantin ok! 4meters plak tu isk.. jgn nnt photographer salah snap sudah :P netting for veil sold at 10k/meter.

i didn't manage to get kain for my bridesmaid. those stock of deep fuschia chiffon (25k/m) was not enough for my girls. other shops selling mostly cheapest chiffon at 10k and chiffon silk 60-75k. so for those seeking bridesmaid kain there, cari as early possible, if no enuff stock available at least they have ample time to get you the new stock, normally by next day...siap delivery to your hotel pun boleh :)

Abah & ibu seems ok with card prices in Pasar Tebet but yet, still early for any order. We took one of contact no. - TWO IN CARD (
Hendro 0878 81046225)and perhaps, everything will be done online je later. unless ade yg nak sponsor ke jakarta lagi hehe. not sure whether to opt for delivery or get fiance's sis studying in jakarta to bring them home ehehehe..

For doorgift, i dont have any idea than the one recommended by diah, Kikie Bridal Fashion @ Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua. She quoted me roughly rm0.60 for my dying paper pouch to fit the eggs and the price inclusive bow deco, couple name printing and delivery to kl :D via email juga bisa! personalized box pun interesting (about rm2 together with name printing), but when add up with delivery charge tu unit cost suddenly became overbudget, cos it requires more cartons to transport... or i need his sis again hihihi ...need another thinking, susah sgt order from
Aisram je bley..? hehe.

we also had our pampering @ Spa Rogers Bandung. abah punya package paling lame :P for similar package (massage+lulur+milkbath = 225k) mmg mahal compared to previous Elegantz Spa (145k), but the massages are better .. except, room not that privacy..tak feeling je dengar ibu & aunties busily chatting with their masseuse haha ..

last but not least ....presenting... part of borong stuffs to kill time in plane :P

2 of em are Indon mags, and i only enjoy reading that yellow mag je ...the rest banyak iklan :P


dialicious said...

nama diah tumpang glemer skjap..hahah..bestnyer ur papergift xyah byr delivery!u mentioned rumahmode at pasar baru tu di bandung ker?coz di jakarta pun ade pasar baru jgk but ive never been there...

Anonymous said...

oi, letak la gambar la la

Mistgreen said...

FYI, I almost hire Endar @ Rumah MODE pasar baru for my wedding gown. However i found the price quoted was a bit pricey. Luckily my supir knows Endar's tailor very well. He said.. just go directly to the tailor .. no need to go thru Rumah MODE & Endar. So i ended up bought the laces only without tailoring. I called the tailor -Jajat (Endar's nephew). He came to the hotel & took measurement.. and guess what.. the price is 50% cheaper...which means .. no comission for rumah MODE or Endar... My supir said it is common over there..price will be double once it reaches the end users...everyone will mark up for their portion...

hidden.wing said...

diah : papergift tu kene baya delivery...kikie caj roughly 50cents, and remaining tu delivery cost...murah sbb 1 carton dh muat 1000pcs tu hehe..pasar baru bandung, yang jakarta nye pun i pnah dgr je, tak pnah smpi jugak :P

fira : ye datin. nnt aku emelkn pic baju2 kau tu :P

mistgreen : that's why i dont dare to quote his price here..but thanks alot for sharing dear. mind to share jajat's no friend plan nak hire endar nanti, subject to outcome from faza's dress. thx again :D

Mistgreen said...

WLT,..Im now a bit nervous.waiting for the gowns..i told jajat.."biar lambat asal cantik".

Jajat's hp : +6285721230004
(those who wanna call..just say u got his number from mbak zainah)

Jajat is abit introvert..have to really explain n make sure he understands what you really want

Endar is now very famous..he.he eversince he design n sew some malaysian celebrities clothes. he did for Dynaz...Milla AF is also one of their regular customer...i was told by the sales girl, which is also his niece. Endar didnot sew it..he's the boss..he design n give direction/instruction to his tailor. he got a few tailors.

hidden.wing said...

oh, similar to our designers here. most of time, they have their tailors to do the backstage jobs (potong kain, beadwork etc).hmm, boss pun markup jugak eh :(

guess what? ready made dress which my faza bought was using Mila's measurement. she's real petite, and it fits her well :D

we'll pray your dress gonna turn out fab too!

thx again for the contact, mistgreen :)

Mistgreen said...

WLT, for the wedding card, did mine at SAM ARISTA -located at jln pasir luyu roughly about 20mins drive from pasar baru.

Run by the husb n wife. can ym them to amend/ask about ur card. they will email u the final look of ur card before printing. give them ur budget they will design accordingly. You can also mix n match.base on their existing mine at RP4500 per piece.

[ Hanie ] said...

heee...baguslah kalau dpt yg diidam2kan ;) Tak saba nak tgk designnye..sure malatops!

hidden.wing said...

mistgreen : sgt resourceful! visited their page, cantik2 their cards...will suggest to my friend who's planning for wedding shopping this june...thx again dear :D

hanie : faza sudah memiliki baju yg diidamkan itu...saya belum hanie *sob*

anil lutaze said... informatis... betuah kwn saya tu sbb byk sunggoh info ini..

HeArTaGram said...


Tumpang tanya kalau nak cari doorgift dkt Bandung...which area yg patut pergi...actually bekas Muffin/cupcakes. Is't worth it 2 buy dkt sana !! Berapa yer budget satu bekas...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mistgreen, i'm very interested with ur info on jajat... boleh tak give info on the approximate price of one baju from Endar@Rumah MODE and one from jajat? And thanks for jajat's contact number. Do you have a blog or more info on tailors in indonesia as i'm going there in few weeks time. Thanks

Farahiyah said...

hi Mistgreen. After reading ur blog, it actually makes me tak sabar² to be married. Anyway, did try searching for Endar at google...couldn't find...any website that I can see dear?

Anonymous said...

Just came back from Bandung and I had my akad nikah and wedding dress made at Rumah Mode. It will be shipped tomorrow according to Endar (which is pretty fast as I just came back early June 09 and expecting it to be ready within 2-3 months; my wedding is still way ahead). Just thought I would like to share the outcome of it for the brides-to-be like me, if anyone is interested that is :)


Unicorn said...

Hi anonymous and Mistgreen,
I hope ur dress and akad nikah baju will turn out gorgeous. Btw, does Endar have any website?

Hjh Noor Rafidah said...
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Hjh Noor Rafidah said...
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raihan said...

mistgreen, can i get your email address, i have sms jajat and he asked for your email