May 26, 2009

officially him

It's official now ..

Udey Ismail is our main photographer for nikah & home reception in Penang :) we did survey avicenna, nurulsuhaimi, prettypeektures, jangguttouch. somehow, love at first sight that keep bringing us back to him hehe.

for outstation customer, we entitled for 30mins free outdoor photoshoot. Coupled with their extended promo, we have total of 1.5hrs free outdoor. to-do :
lookout nearby place for outdoor & shorten to max 1 hr je.

for majlis bertandang, after bayar booking lah baru spell out ;) hehe.

we checked out the Curve D&P last weekend. been eyeing for their Estrellas almost a year now and GR 3*** still the tempting one as ever .. my second choice if their sister co. not putting up any sale this December hehehe.

anyway, i came across this pic while surfing for fuschia ideas. i can now relate my color to flowers too yeay, like how u link lavender to purple :D this is due to hard time explaining to veterans what fuschia really really is..

"pink mcm bunga kertas tu lah maktok.." (sambil pointing pokok di halaman rumah) hihi.

but, bougainvillas do come in magenta too :P

well, life's just too short to bother fuschia/magenta thingy.
except wedding decorators, as long the rest know it's hot pink..i'm totally fine :D


[ Hanie ] said...

alhamdulillah, sudah booked photographer yer ;) hasil kerjanya mmg menawan! ;)

mimie said...

ni lah advantage wat preparation awal :) any idea where to get make up artis kt utara??i paling risau pasal make up..anyway im getting married tis September kt utara jgk..thanks

sweet cravings said...

wlt: lurve the bougainvilleas idea tho! :D asik imported flowers je.. hehe... seriously, i think i shud consider it.. hahah ;) thanks!

SK said...

heeee...i pun amik udey for my reception!haven't got the chance to meet him in person.but my instinct tells me he's something!
m very sure of it ;))

Reena said...

Udey sempoi jek kan tapi gambar meletops

hidden.wing said...

hanie : your artwork pun cantik :)

mimie : ade nama je. still hunting for his contact no *sigh*

mira : lately ni banyak dapat pic fuschia concept using bougainvilla. floristika takde jual lah pulak :P

SK : let's pray :D

Reena : esp "moment" and "detailing" yang dia capture hehe..

udey said...

kita jumpa kat penang nanti k

hidden.wing said...


tenqiu udey, pasal "add hrs" itu cukup menggembirakan kami :D ya, kita jumpa kat penang nanti noo hehehe!!

* Nat Azmi * said...

wah, i pun amik him for my reception! yay! ;)

hidden.wing said...

yay to you Nat :D