May 29, 2009

for her

scrapbook-kit for tiffany twin ;)

p/s : congratulations to both of you.


Anonymous said...

Great idea...a scrapbook..where can we usually get this kind of scrapbook ye? One more thing, can you give me the details for the pelamin designer for the northern area as per ur previous post...cuz am looking for a pelamin designer in the northern area esp. Penang...sgt susah nak cari a good one :( hope u can email me at thanx 4 sharing! :) -Sha

Anis said...

ME SGT LOVE UR GIFT!! check out my dedications post in my blog... i was jumping wif joy n menjerit2 ngan my sis bile bukak ur gift. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! akan ku updet gamba2 honeymoon and lengkapkan the scrapbook asap. hikhik

to Sha - i found them at Papier (d curve). My fren told me she also found similar scrapbook kits at Hallmak boutique. :)