Aug 9, 2008

ezi dearie

this week is all bout my ex-housemie, ezi. her FILs wanted to merisik, and suddenly her mommy pulak plan for engagement on 4th raya - no negotiation ok! terus my friend tu kelam kabut cos she & her bf plan to only settle down in 2010. if not the parents yang suke2 buat plan tu have to sponsor la kalau nak awal sangat hehe...

on wednesday, her future MIL brought her to Habib & she got that belah rotan ring.
friday, i accompanied her to Habib & DeGem @ Ampang Point to survey engagement ring. Gotta admit that DeGem is gorgeous, but with the price of rm2k we thought it was too much for an engagement..but that Habib was not bad either for rm1k :)

friday evening, i got sms from her - she already bought kain for akad nikah.
saturday - accompanied her to look for tailor for her engagament baju. susah betul cos all tailors already closed for baju raya...finally after the pujuk memujuk session, ezi found tailor from Wisma Campbell. with that fancy design from mag, she really got it CHEAP cos the tailor only charged her rm250! jeles hehe...

that's all about my ezi & her sudden engagement plan...wishing you the best from far as surely I'm not able to attend on that day :)

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