Oct 31, 2008

dotty's ring hunting

yesterday, ezi & myself went to check out Habib's renovation sale - they're having discount up to 50%. one thing about Habib is, they have sale at all season, so dont worry if you missed their sale as the next day they'll introduce another new sale - you name it: renovation sale, clearance sale, raya sale etc. (but you may end up losing the design that you want heee..)

but this time not for me. for him - his engagement ring....eeee bertunang pun nk cincin ke??(suddenly i ter-imagine how my dad akan sarungkn cincin kat my dotty haha)

my eyes stumble on one suasa ring, after 50% less is rm370. very nice,and simple............i like the color - gold-like and have one small zircone on it. checked.

next we dropped by MIMOSA, for cheaper option hehe. stainless steel ring for dotty. nice design & can get it for less than rm200 yeay!

talked to dotty & we'll do his ring-hunting tomorrow, after we successfully exchange shafaf's lacey to pink (as i wanted earlier!) @ MayaSilk..

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