May 14, 2010

Wedding Fair @ Saloma Bistro

fuh..after 5 weeks, this blog finally updated!

while everyone busy hitting Isetan for members sale during friday lunch hour , Mas & myself went to checkout wedding fair @ Saloma Bistro. the event was rather small, each booth can only display one wedding item (card/favor/photography etc) except pelamin cos NGI was the one having the exclusive right for pelamin & deco there.

there were 3 pelamins decorated solely by NGI there, but i didnt snap any..somehow each of the pelamin has nothing to really shout about cos i've seen his work better at previous exhibitions. but we both loved the entrance decoration he did...the white pokok & crystal drapes...imagine an evening event with this deco, marvellous... ;)

first booth we stopped by was Kak Haidar's, the one responsible for my wedding deco last time. the booth theme was Hantaran. we were more of catching up on each other rather than checking out her stuffs cos basically i already had the ideas of wedding items/services she's providing. the dulang hantaran she custom made for me was there too...but i wish to see them decorated in nicer way...with lots and lots of bright, colorful flowers maybe...something more eye-catching i told her ;p

next was
Reka Teemor's. their theme was "Wedding Invitation". mostly the hardcovered were from Indonesia..with RT's known as having spectacular taste, so the range of hardcover they had from Indon are the pretty exclusive ones. the softcover cards too unlike the conventionally found in market, mostly having the plain, modern design specially custom made for their clients...with starting price of rm2.50..their softcovers not so much of my liking, apart from their price, personally due to the designs were overly being modernized/westernized..

but, i like one of their's actually from Indonesia. nice tiffany blue! my soon getting married brother need some proposal for his wedding card this october...we'll see how much my previous cardmaker can offer for this design...hopefully below than my RM1.3x since this is just 1-pc card :)

Neurmaya was the one offering photography/videography service for this expo. first time seeing his work was in Ratu Sehari, and seem to notice more of him tagging to NGI's clients. the package is rather outstation cost, no charges for future publish in media/mags, softcopies for both raw and edited will be returned without any extra cost etc..

Gezal Mihat & Freda took part for dresses. we didnt ask any quo cos no one was there...some of the lovelies found :

next to them is
Cocoa Boutique, offering wedding favors made from chocs. i didnt try any of their chocs, so obviously no comment ;) i kinda like chocs they printed with our wedding details & nicely arranged in a wooden box found similar at Godiva...price RM150 and this packaging they purposely made for hantaran. sorry no pix, camera out of battery dah!

last one was
Yomie Bake, based in Kajang. for 3-tiers full fondant cake starts rm900, if dummy usually half the price. so, note that not all bakers charging similar price for full cake & dummy, anything back to your budget and preference, the option is there :) their fancy cookies rm3+, the cookies tebal gile so i guess the price justifies..of all, their minis interest me more, be it for design and price..rm15/each. again, no pic but most of the designs were similarly published in their blog :)

the rest booths were Concorde weddings, accessories..we already late, so no chance to drop by..just sempat snap this at Concorde booth to feast your eyes :)

btw, my reception album dah siap since April but we yet to collect from CS. and i've received my bertandang album too...3 months waiting not that bad!:)


sumpit said...

great to see that you're updating your blog again :D

any plans to blog about the wedding coordinator thingy? ;)

aziraarif said...

3 tier cake start from RM9++? last time i pegi kat midvalley rm7++ for 3 tier not dummy one..or mybe harge dia bg i sbb dia kenal my MIL kot...

hidden.wing said...

no etty..i dont plan to blog about it, will email you instead :)

azira, tak aci dpt price kroni hehe :p yup, tu price they offer us for 3-tiers with roughly 11kgs of fully fondant buttercake. last time mine was rm400+ for 20kgs..byk kan the diff?

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

akhirnya...akhirnya...update juga blog.. am wondering where have u been sampai hilang lama kan..hehee

and i buat teori sendiri la, guess what?? u tgh 'mabuk mabuk ' skrg..hahahaha (paham kan?) :P

dyn said...

hye hidden wing, kat png bridal mana u ambil utk your wedd deco? susah la nak cari yg best..pls share..

sumpit said...

oh, that's even better :)
btw, my email add is

Thanks yer :D

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

hidden.wing said...

haha alena, thx for the positive thought! unfortunately belum our rezeki..hey ikut turn lah kan, u duluuu :D

dyn, i have fews. still, the most they have pun not that comparable to vendors yang tahap biasa2 in KL. my fave northern vendor is HAFA Catering & Events. Else, try butik d'terunadara or assanweddings..

orite etty :D

hi Hapi..thanks for your hello dropby :)

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

amElyn said...

hi sis!
thanks btw for sharing!!
im b2b too.
will keep on dropping by!
love yah! xx