Apr 29, 2008


we're done with the theme.left the colors & we need to think of at least FOUR,people! here we go; starts of with engagement, solemnization & finally, both receptions! hopping from fotopages to next, flipping mags like thousand times & still the conclusion : I JUST LOVE WHITE!! haha.tapi macam melampau pulak if all majlis in white kan? pening jugak when comes to choosing color ni, esp for those blessed with melanins like me..the colors are VERY limited & poor my fair dotty for having to bear with this as well...mcm mangsa keadaan la kuang3

ok, enough complaining my imperfection.i finally made up my mind (and dotty like know nothing until now), i should play around with pastels (ok, now i mean we).
  • purple & generous of soft pink'll live up my simple fairytale-theme engagement
  • whitey cream for akad nikah
  • soft turqoise for (bride) reception to cool off those hot & sunny day in penang
  • whites for bertandang & no guest should outshine us with another whiteeee plis plis..~

dotty agreed.yeeeeeeha!! can now check out for nice favor, dress, dais & gubahan for matching :D

*pic courtesy endlesspieces.com

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