Apr 23, 2008

steps of bliss

Just celebrated my 24th last january. And hmm, "bile nak kahwin?" now crowned as top-asked qs for birthday girl of this age (dan yang sewaktu-dengannya).As usual, they will get this "muke badak" feedback.

Last time my plan was to get married by 24, but then things didnt work out as I wish (sob..) Dotty just started working, and neither of us carried "Hilton" surname *sigh*- so these simply justify we need some time to stable financially (and emotionally) before we happily hook-up. Tapi sampai bile ye?

Few days after our 6th anniversary, tetibe je rase macam nak check this date in 2009 & 2010(berangan nak make it as our wedding date) and woohoo both years jatuh on weekend (saturday & sunday).Date tu rahsie la kan nanti mesti korg nak jugak haha..tapi confirm not-typical-10-10-10 but still favourite to those who appreciate it :)

Dotty agreed with the date, but only YES to 2010. And now the journey of a bride-to-be begins..


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