Apr 23, 2008

roses are red

I never liked roses, not even on Valentine's or anniversary.Dotty kate i pelik haha.But somehow bile dah selalu search on weddings ni, i started to fall in love with ROSES, especially white & red roses. They really speak LOVE.
I always love English theme wedding.White dress.Candle & white roses like everywhere.....................

Next - discuss with Dotty.He pretty liked the idea of English theme and now we both berebut nak that theme for our side hahaha.In the end, we feel that "ape salahnye 2-2 side English theme kan?" His side will be a bit western while mine will be traditional but still engaged with English concept in term of hantaran, pelamin etc. Pelik tapi benar hihi. (Dotty, color xleh same yer...)

Engagement pun same la.Senang kan.If possible,nak modify skit kasi nmpk fairytale but yet, still SIMPLE.

Hunting for penggubah hantaran & pelamin for above begins, not forgotten those cash counting *wink & headache*

Wish me a fruitful hunting! Will share in the blog later :D
(bouquet image courtesy of pureseed.com.my)

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