Dec 31, 2008

bride's bibles...

im suddenly in a very blossoming blogging mood. but without any specific entry in mind.

grabbed my sleek Samsung. finally. and these being snapped on impulse.
thought it would be good for today's entry. They're like bible for any bride; NOT necessarily a must but still a good one for reading or at least an eye pleasure. they get me excited on weddings, on and on without fail :)

...and they're from my last 9 mths' collection. stop judging as if im planning for wedding of the year, because honestly i am NOT. i'm just another typical bride - excited with the whole idea of celebrating the moment to be officially called as ONE with the other half. and similarly to you, im too expecting to find nice stuffs for my wedding without putting such a big BOMB to my wallet. ok. OUR wallet.

and these mag like a parade of DIY or even a cost-saving-copycat ideas ;) and ehem, magazines are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE item!

PESONA PENGANTIN, my monthly committed spending @ every 15th.
my-two-cents : Malay wedding need, lots to relate with.

RATU SEHARI, quaterly published
my-two-cents : Contemporary, up to date stuffs or should i say a high end Malay wedding ideas?

BRIDAL GUIDE (Msia), the old ones bought during wedding exhibition
my-two-cents : western in Malaysian way.

my-two-cents : a-la celebrity wedding. glamorous. not to my liking, really.

Others, once in a while wedding feature
my-two-cents : Nona paling best. when they say wedding, yes they talk nothing but ONLY wedding.
Seasonal collection
my-two-cents : think DIY. but some designs are way tooo outdated :P
Martha's . i only buy her past collection, much cheaper.
my-two-cents : sweet and personalized wedding ideas.
or newbies looking for great hue combination for wedding.

Specialist collection

my-twocents : only for serious interest. guideline in preserving, decorating wedding flowers - bride bouquet, flower girl's wreath, table centrepiece and all u name it. a very breath-taking.

Wedding Book, bought yesterday. again? *grin*

my-two-cents : just scanned through - featuring directory of Msia wedding related service providers, with some summary of their signature style/design. for rm19 price tag, boleh la.

if i could conclude, i love Malay or at least Malaysian wedding mag. they have lots for me to relate with, and of course those that your parents would agree with.

unlike western wedding mag, they featured lots of wedding gowns which is not to my interest at all. but honestly, westerners are good at choosing perfect theme/color in their wedding. those romantic-pastel looking really make me weak in my kneeees....

Happy New Year, Brideys!

Wishing you a Happy New Year, be it future or even the past brides!
May 2009 brings us lots of fun, oh and love ...'s getting closer peeps


Dec 29, 2008

you've got mail!

Few days left for 2009 to come, and it means i'm 25th-to-be this very early January. Check out my advanced bday gift from my fave jeweller, Diamond & Platinum.

RM50 voucher might be too little cut for jewellery purchase. But at least, you're sure enough not being forgotten on your special day, right? After all, that's the least a customer like me could ask - sense of appreciation :)

D&P made their tagline right; "small beginning comes greater things". Very very right.

And for D&P, thanks alot for making my day. Hope to have another yours on my long-to-go big day..

Dec 28, 2008

Enni & Syed @ DePalma

a big congratulation to my beautiful Enni & his hubby, Syed. the solemnization took place in Maluri Hotel while the reception was yesterday, in De Palma Hotel Ampang.
Hubby (who blessed with Germany's gen hehe) is dotty's close buddy back then in Uniten. Well, i should say Enni is now my colleague since we're in the same office of KLCC hehe.
Feel like writing out what i really really love about theirs last night......

1) Love the red & white theme
2) Love Enni's simple open-back dress. no tiara, nor veil but even GORGEOUS than we used to know (and love!)
3) Love Enni's hot red bouquet of roses
4) Love Enni's open-toe white heels
5) Love the not-so-deadly-romantic played English songs
6) Love Enni's funny faces during the menepung tawar
7) Love the fresh flowers by their pelamin. simple but very fulfilling!
8) Love the modern combination of red roses, carnations & calla lilies as the flower stands
9) Love the solemnization montage; Enni is still the chatterbox as always haha
10) Love the food, even it definitely ruining my diet :P


pink & blue?

....a little update!

my mom called from Mekah yesterday, unfortunately she couldnt find any nice blue sejadah. instead, she bought something pinkish, handmade and wayyy beyond my budget again.
considering "pilihan mak selalunya yang terbaik", i should say i'm fine with it hehehe.
cemane ye nanti pinky sejadah pair with blue pelikat. selamberrr....!!

before i forget, thanks ibu :)

Dec 26, 2008

his sapphire

dotty & myself still on leave today, great. we went to Jln TAR and tempah my plain crystal chain at Semua House. remember i still left with sejadah & kain pelikat for dotty's hantaran? for sejadah, my mum will look out for it in Mekah after her hajj & it should be his favourite blue.

dotty finally picked his blue kain pelikat, to match with his blue sejadah. it was a little extraordinary, as the design came in a pattern of songket :)

reminiscing memory - SAMURA

our beloved SAMURA :)

SAMURA front gate

i really love what we had yesterday...

dotty and myself drove all the way from kl to attend our bestie's wedding in Muar, Hafizul & Zura. Common thing that we shared with this lovely couple is both the lady & the boyfie are from Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar or SAMURA. i was sooo excited to know that we'll pass by our school during the trip .....something like reminiscing our memories back then in schooling (and oh loving) years.

this was how everything started. i used to admire my boyfie since my very first day - i was on the way to orientation while he was making his way to evening prep. i only knew that he was just opposite of my class after like 4 months, and from them on i pun curi2 lah nak tgk dier slalu basuh tgn kt paip dpn our class tu, haha what a stalker!! slow2 after tu, i knew his name and was again excited we belong to same house, the great great BESTARI! Oh ye, kat samura ni dorm/block arranged in 4 house : Bestari, Budiman, Pujangga, Sarjana and we only had form 4 and 5 je, best giler!!

Naik je form 5, our class dh sebelah2..need to pass by class dier dlu before smpi my class, so sempat lah skodeng2 dulu (slalunye x dpt pun sbb dier slalu masuk prep lambat haha...). i was a prefect last time, and one day tu i was on duty to check those yg lewat gi class. and he happened to be late again that day hokeh! so dari jauh lagi i purposely tunggu kt "susur gajah" tu, nak stop him and kunun2 amik nama dier la. time tu mmg buat muke garang la, yela kate pengawas tapi deep down only God knew betape excitednye sayeeee dpt tahu full name dier aritu tau hihihihi. dotty pun siap ingat that moment and gile x puas ati tu i jot down namer dier utk discipline record haha. nasibla...

last 2-3 months before SPM, suddenly his classmate missy "S" came to me and cakap dotty kirim salam. what?! mimpi ke ni??? but time tu i buat2 jual mahal cos classmates dier tu mmg known for suke2 main kn girl and this "kirim salam" thingy might be a trap huhu. rupe2 nye missy "S" yang spill to him that i minat dier (ntah cemane dier tau..) and the response was like, positive ehhe. i pun br tahu after tu that missy "S" used to admire my dotty, boleh?

our very first eye to eye was during Annual Batch Dinner, where we had our pics taken together. we exchanged numbers, and start SMS-ing quite a long while and it continued even after i masuk UTP. we never went for a date sbb jauh, and everything took place through the phone, including his proposal to seriously taking me as his GF. it was the best Valentine's day ever in my life, and our very first date adelah time amik result SPM kat samura. that's why samura meant so much to us :)

we went to bandar Muar thereafter, sbb i dh promised myself nak rase mee bandung Muar yg i x pnah try pun while 2 yrs in samura long time ago. mmg sedap sgt, lain yg i taste kat kl huhu. a windy evening and the town was very laidback - parents brought their kids and play kites, couples came over and have some rojak petis hmm, something that you couldnt find in KL! cos if in kl, couple normally dating in shopping complex and dining tu surely lah nandos lah, TGIF, chillis and all the fine one. i really love today's outing, bringing me back to my used to be childhood in small town of penang :)

after 7 years, lots of thing change in samura but not my feeling to him. it just keep getting stronger, walaupun our fave pau maharani dah xde kt depan sekolah tu hehe.

we somehow promised, that we'll make a return to Muar someday. perhaps after our few kiddies? LOL.
to dotty - thanks alot dear...

Dec 24, 2008

lovely cuppies garden

Typically, cuppies came in a transparent box and being tied with a big organza ribbon.
Not anymore. You can now say goodbye to that lame idea with something to try out like one above for your hantaran, esp for the fans of garden theme wedding. Menarik kan?

....inspired by Whizzcakes' wonderful masterpiece, The Garden of Eden.

Dec 22, 2008

the see-through!

something to notice about this hantaran. it's absolutely without any satin cover at all and yet, still an EYE-CANDY!! i used to fancy this kind some time ago, but my couz was like against the idea heh, boring btul.........
oh btw, they're from my favourite fairies.

candle for besties

i've reserved my besties some doorgift, apart from little cuppies. a CANDLE, symbolic of any sacrifice done for the sake of friendship, be it monetary or time or support. and yes, this includes their effort in attending this ceremony..

i've ordered 12 pieces and payment to be made to Dinigifts within this week. intentionally no piccies, nanti x surprise lah hihi.

Dec 20, 2008


earlier this week, dotty & me thot of getting Aussino bedding at their warehouse sale in SA. but we immediately cancelled it due to lots of bad feedback gotten in SNS web. for such price, the unhappy customers claimed can even got that in any Aussino outlet without having to sweatingly stuck in 2hrs queue-to-pay. gosh.

bought the so-called engagement bedding last night @ Ikano. at first, i thought of having a plain Jean Perry's comforter set with peach flower (sold at below rm200). but i already got the pink one few months ago, so it's like having 2 same design, no :P
there were few others being shortlisted, yang cantik sgt tu beyond our budget la pulak even after 30% disc huhu. other pretty designs just left with bedsheet only, no quiltcover. so finally, we ended up with the one below, Queen size with quiltcover & menepati budget below rm200 yeay.
i know the design was quite crowded for an engagement bedding. speaking on practicality, i still think it's a nice one for daily use later kan?


Dec 18, 2008

wedding flowers

After like 6-months been eyeing her fotopages, we finally met our official hantaran designer. it was yesterday, and we were a bit late sbb sangat jam lah all the way from federal until jln pahang.

the discussion was a bit lengthy, not bcos of we're too fussy and all but most of it was due to fresh flower will be sooooo expensive on that day & we're down to a quite limited choice, especially for dotty's side who earlier insisted on using red roses. as for mine, i already made up my mind earlier on the wanted design and luckily, the design doesnt concentrate too much on expensive roses :)
deposit paid, and by now i think i should keep my mouth shut on hantaran until the pic speak by itself.

btw, i dropped by Kinokuniya to checkout some mag and this really really caught my attention....

the publishing kinda old (2004), but i still love 'em! perhaps i can DIY some hantaran or bouquet for my future wedding? ok ok, dreaming again right.

Dec 16, 2008

fresh flower tier cake

hey, i just found this lovely lovely pinkish fresh flower cake!
while most of us prefer the flower topping to be nicely crafted from fondant, me still the classic one who always and forever love the fresh flowers to crown the cake :)
congrats havenlycakes for this wonderful masterpiece, and me proud to say they're Malaysian bakers!

bench for mini pelamin

i always wanted a mini pelamin for my engagement. last time, i used to surf only on pelamin duduk, as i thought this type of pelamin is simple and yet sweet enough for engagement or even solemnization.

but not after my mom bought this bench :P itchy itchy thinking of having a bench during the sarung cincin (since it's free & available at my own home kan!) but it's tooo long, can fit 3-4 ppl kut, future FIL pun boleh duduk same sarungkan cincin hahaha.

i just need flowerstands on both side & a nice backdrop. and minus the red bantal on that bench of course - they're just wayyyy out of theme :P


i'm not feeling very well today, actually these few days.
kinda tired, especially when thinking of the boring routine of having to go to gym every single day and the fact of counting (and freaking out about) the calories i'm taking in *sigh*.
pathetic bride! finally the word is out...
to date i've lost 5kgs and the effort was within 1 month +
i'm left with 3 weeks before meeting Kimie Kajang.
did i say 3 weeks??? Gosh.

Dec 15, 2008

NINE WEST is on sale, AGAIN

NINE WEST is extending their super duper sale until 31st Dec!
If you're a fan of one (and who actually didnt fucking mind it is last season's pair like me),
Btw, the paper bag was from last sale that i got.
Extension ni x nak checkout dah cos i'm already BROKE :P

Bestie got hitched!

KGSS reception. the gown just fit the lovely petite bride..

after being pronounced hubby & wifey ..
A very big wish of "Selamat Pengantin Baru"
to the newlyweds (cum the besties..)
Wesz & Wahidah!

Dec 13, 2008

ungranted wish

a little update on my crystal-chain-shopping.
i didnt manage to buy the crystal chain after a visit to SSF yesterday. reason? double expensive. rm14.70 per metre. i need like 4 metres which came about nearly rm60 whereas, this one wedding shop in Semua House was selling for only rm6 p/metre - for the very very exact crystal chain. rm24 and rm60 hellooo! but the shop said for plain-clear colored crystal was out of stock and need to tempah. for such price, i didnt mind of course huu.
i grabbed some stuffs in SSF, purely for engagement deco. i really like something that i posted about 4weddingku's mini jar & found one in SSF yeeha. DIY jelah for hantaran, ape lagi hehe.
enjoy the pics..!
potpourri mini jar in the making !

mini jar..remaining 4 masih berbalut hee..

candle to future being tied with glittery organza ribbon

silver ribbon for cuppies box

lil rose for mini jar deco

Dec 12, 2008

crystal chain

since my hometown is a bit outdated from any cool & sweet pelamin design, i decided to buy some bits of deco myself in kl. at least a crystal chain, something than can linger around the flower stands perhaps.. does anyone know where can i get this?

im heading to jln TAR in few minutes, hoping SSF will have it. let's pray hee!

Dec 9, 2008

mini jar

it has been so long i didnt drop by 4weddingku's fp. decided to check out and look what mya and her team had for us-the-future-brides! a cute potpourri mini jar hehe.

4weddingku suggested for hantaran or even VIP doorgift, anyone?

Dec 7, 2008

hantaran - updated

talked to dotty last night. we somehow agreed that our hantaran will look kinda crowded if we still want to make it 5 & 7 dulangs. we mutually decided to change it to 7 berbalas 9 dulang.

...and here's the (updated) list

from him :

- tepak sirih
- ring + potpourri
- kain pasang
- telekung
- heels
- bathset
- fruits/chocs

from me :

- sirih junjung
- ring
- kemeja batik
- sejadah + kain pelikat
- cufflinks + potpourri
- bathset
- cupcakes
- chocs
- fruits

the left one were just sejadah & kain pelikat, phew.............

2nd make up testing

my 2nd makeup testing @ 10.30am

this crazy bridezilla was having another makeup testing before heading to her bestie's engagement.
this time it was done by a nyah - Baby from 2nd bridal house. the session was done at his studio, very funny to see the lampu kalimantang used with half of it covered dgn kertas fluorescent color gold which according to him - help him alot in ensuring his make up turned out FABULOUS - hihihihi.

he told me that he previously worked in Butik Jedan (PKNS) before deciding to open his own. he even quoted that wife of this well-known VIP was her loyal client. his main is makeup, but for any tempahan for dress etc, he'll seek for some tailors in Jedan to do it. patutla dress2 dier banyak beads hehe.

the session finished in just an hour, with most of the time being allocated for the eyes. no smokey eyes, but still dramatic! very true, the makeup mmg very light but i didnt quite like the color applied as my base - a bit fair, as compared to my dark skin. commented to him, he was ok and we agreed for our next makeup testing to be in January..crazy betulla ini bridezilla..tunang jeeee oi.

next, alhamdulillah - my bestie's engagement went well. she got engaged to my ex, whose i didnt really consider an ex due to we were just 11 that time - so it did sound to me more of puppy puppy pupppppy love yikes! best betul my bestie, hantaran sponsorred by her abangs and kakaks and DIY lagi. rezeki anak bongsu, sooo tak aci hehe.

bridal house hunting

here i am, lying down with head spinning to blog what ive been through these 2 (tiring) days. oh btw, im now in my little hometown - penang :)

been promising myself that for this back-home trip, i really need to look out & choose bridal house for my coming engagement. to be frank, one day is soo not sufficient for myself to do this but what choice that i do really really have? anyway, thanks for my streamyx - save my effort quite lots. some bridal houses managed to be located & contacted for appoinment. just to share here, what i got from the appoinment & walk-in wedding survey, huh. i supposed to have my makeup testing by 2pm, so the idle time before being used to walk-in to those shops in kepala batas. 3 shops.

1st bridal
big bridal house, lots of bajus but i didnt quite like it mainly due to their shocking colors. from their album, they kinda specialized in gerbera-daisy deco but the service was damn expensive. the boss wasnt around, so the assistant keep giving the unsure look & "need to check with my boss 1st" reply and tu x campo lagi assistant tu start quoting ridiculous price...i'm so fed-up, urgh.

2nd bridal
very close to my place. the staffs are very friendly & the cheapest so far :) for mini pelamin, i can get about rm200 & makeup rm80-100. i saje2 showed the fresh flower hantaran samples from Man Kajang in mag & they quot me for like - rm550 for 9 dulangs. i considered it damn cheap cos the flowers are all around the dulangs, and to fall on Valentine's even!. they even offered me stairs deco for FOC. great.

3rd bridal
next door to 2nd's and owned 4 nyahs. the shop was very busy with bride running around for makeup & dressing up. interior kedai pun lawa, very tropical & dim light just making all the beads on the bride's dress look very stunning, illusi optik haha. they're too busy to entertain me, so i just made appoinment to return by 5pm. to cut it short, the appoinment turned out very well to me. the mini pelamin was a bit expensive than 2nd's but their passion in giving out their ideas just impressed me & i felt so appreciated :) we set appoinment for my makeup testing the next day yippie!! ..(will blog in next entry k)

reached home by 2pm for makeup testing with Miss J*****. Miss J was a bit late to my house, and the session took about 2 hrs. gosh! im gonna be late for my next appoinment with the 4th boutique! Ms J expected my to proceed with my appoinment with her makeup, and in fact offered to show me the way to that boutique. but, i was FREAKED OUT to see the makeup - tebal sangat. last2 i terpakse buat excuse to wait for my sis to let Ms J balik dulu rather than nak i ikut dier..padehal i nak sental my face dulu....waa. for Ms J, sorry - the smokey eyes, soft pink lippies were all fine for me but foundation/bedak tu quite thick ..but honestly, i love your personality - very friendly & funny. client surely tak awkward bile borak2 ngan dier :)

ok, next - the 4th bridal!
most popular one in penang, having like 5 branches and experienced in handling VIPs & celebrities wedding, including Datin Norjuma. the boss is nice, she came all the way from pulau to meet me yg ntah nak amik ke tak service dier hokey. for me theirs are quite pricey, cos for such price i can get even better delivery if in kl. in fact, they didnt even have fancy dulang/tray like in kl, haiya. for mini pelamin specified like above, they wanted like nearly 600. if u're kl based, i didnt mind such rate, but since you're not i chose to say it is expensive esp for an engagement ceremony. but still, i didnt blame them for putting such prices, they already 'built' their name here.

that's about it. tiring & still indecisive.

Dec 3, 2008

Nine West

Psssss...NINE WEST is having their BIG sale now. Promo only in Avenue K and will last until 14Dec.

Managed to grab a pair for my engagement wih below rm100 tag, iye this bridezilla was sooo happy ...
The not so good thing was, i'm not that sure the color fits my baju or not, or even the engagement event itself haha..tulah, sape suruh murah kan?

If it doesnt fit, it's ok -Vincci will always be the saviour! kehkeh.

Dec 1, 2008

frosting mini cake

Did you notice, everything comes with the word "mini" always being
perceived as something cute, and cool?

Mini cooper, mini-ature (does it counts?) mini skirt oops.

Here's the next cutie for weddings - MINI CAKES everyone!
4Weddingku's mini for your VIPs

Lovely mini for hantaran by Seafrost Cupcakes

the little Choffles !!

Be mindful that mini cakes are not cheap.
As for me, i dont really fancy >rm15 doorgift which only meant to be EATEN,
yeah, me sooo cheapskate.
Still, i like the idea of having minis for hantaran.

Ratu Sehari 007

My long-waiting mag is already out yeay!!
Excited sampai terlupe amik balance 30bux kat mamak tu hokey ..